Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco De My-O Anniversario

Top Ten Reasons I love Travis

10. When I spend $300 on groceries in two days because I’m worried about the swine flu he says, “You just do what you gotta do.”

  1. He makes the best bowls of ice creams, he gets the scoops just right every time, and he still loves me and thinks I’m beautiful even when that ice cream shows just a little too much on my waistline.
  1. He thinks I give better church talks than him even though he can talk me under the table of any sacrament meeting.
  1. He is a fabulous salesman, and thinks I was his best sale ever.
  1. He secretly likes Broadway musicals, but puts on a tough face for his buddies. It’s something I refer to as his Danny Zuko complex.
  1. He has perfected his own dance move: the upright worm, you should see him in action.
  1. He loves our children fiercely. He even gives me the day off on occasion and feeds our children healthy potato chips and keeps them in their comfy pajamas all day long. But I don’t care because I know the kids wouldn’t have it any other way.
  1. He works hard for our family, and says we are the driving force behind everything he does.
  1. He lets me decorate the house the way I want to with only one stipulation: No flowers on our couch, because as he says, “you just can’t sit in your underwear and watch a good football game on a flowery couch.” (Luckily I never even wanted a flowery couch).

1. After 9 years of marriage I still feel renewed love on a daily basis from this man, and can’t imagine my life without him!

Happy Anniversary Trav, I love you!


hendywow said...

That's a sweet post! I agree that you were his best sale! Enjoy!

Sarah said...

I can't believe it's been nine years! Wow! I remember when you got married and it doesn't seem like that long ago. Congratulations!

Love these photos!

Jen Rutter said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!

Laura said...

Happy Anniversary, I can't believe we have each been married for 9 years!!! I remember your wedding and how fun it was. So glad that you are having so much fun with your best friend.

Keith and Lynsi said...

Happy Anniversay you two ! Loved seeing your wedding pics...so cute!

pam said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you. Love the pictures, and the memories they bring back. You look great. That really is a beautiful wedding gown!

Breaking the Law said...

Happy anniversary guys!