Tuesday, April 7, 2009

shopping self examination

Yesterday I did a little shopping and I bought something at three different stores. And when I got home to review my purchases I noticed a trend. I had bought six things. I needed a toothbrush. So I looked for the medium price kind and bought two. Then I went to a kitchen store. I walked around the whole store and decided that their wooden spoons were really nice and I could use some new ones. So I found the medium price ones and bought two. Then I was at Kohls and noticed some cute sweaters on clearance, thought they were a good deal, and purchased two of them. I was thinking that this shopping trip really sums up my shopping theory. Find a good deal, and then buy two of them.

But as I was reflecting about it I was wondering: Is quantity better than quality? You see I could have bought one nicer toothbrush, and one bigger nicer spoon, and one better quality sweater at a nicer store (although I stand by the cuteness of these two Kohl's clearance sweaters). I know my sisters for the most part share this shopping disease and have probably done the same thing before, the apple doesn't fall too far from the shopping tree in our family, uh hum, Mom. But sometimes I think I might have better quality things if I paid a little bit more to buy one better quality item. I have known this about myself for sometime, and have even discussed it with my sisters, but it's a habit that seems unbreakable for me. I just might need an intervention.

Also here is a what would you do scenario that happened to me yesterday. I was paying for my wooden spoons at the kitchen store, had my open wallet out, and looked down to notice some cash on the floor. My first inclination was that it must have fallen out of my wallet, so I bent down, picked up the money, and put it in my wallet. Then as I was waiting for the lady to finish wrapping my packages I thought that perhaps that wasn't my money. But I wasn't totally sure that it wasn't my money. And no one else was standing there. So I walked out of the store and questioned whether or not I should turn the money into the store. Parked right next to my car was a cop car, and I'm such a nerd that I thought maybe that was a sign that I needed to return the money. But how would someone claim the cash? There was no name on it. It could have been mine, and it wasn't very much money. I figured that the lady at the cash register would probably just keep it, and the person who lost it wouldn't know where they had lost it anyway.

So before I tell you what I did, here is my question to you: what would you do?


hendywow said...

I would count my money, and if I was pretty sure that it was mine, I would take it as a sign to buy more than 2 wooden spoons and get 2more kitchen items! If it wasn't mine I would be paranoid that the police officer was already there to take me "down town"!

Courtney said...

I generally have a good idea how much money I have so I would count my money and then guess whether it was mine or not. If I thought it wasn't mine, I would turn it in to the store manager.

I was reading the church's pamphlet (I think it's called "one for the money") and it recommends saving up your money to buy better quality items.

Steph said...

This post made me laugh...and I like what Court read in the church pamphlet. Good advice that I can use!

Can't wait to see what you did with the money!

Laura said...

I am such a penny pincher that I always know how much money I have in my wallet so I am sure I would know if it was mine or not and I would probably return the money to the store even though the manager might just take it for themselves. At least it would be off of my conscience. I have always been a bargain shopper too, but I am starting to get better because I am tired of having a bunch of junk. I actually buy my kids nicer clothes than myself sometimes.

I can't wait to see what you did with the money.

Jen Rutter said...

I never have cash and a massive guilty conscience. I would turn it in.

Angela said...

I'm with Jen on the money thing, because I never have cash either. Also, your Kohl's sweaters are very cute, and thanks for hanging out with me yesterday.