Thursday, April 23, 2009

Puppies and Paparazzi

Since moving to Utah I feel a need to support our local celebrities such as the Osmonds. And let me tell you, Donny would not be happy with all the comments you left yesterday. Where was the Puppy Love? There was none I say, none. I can't believe you're all puppy haters.

Okay, okay. So I've been very vocally a non dog/non animal person my whole life. So I suppose I can imagine your surprise when I said I wanted a puppy. It's surprising to me too. But my in-laws recently got two new puppies and I have found myself falling for these little pups and dreaming of having one of my own. I woke to my senses though and decided it's really not practical for us yet. We have no backyard, no fence, and we like to travel. Plus I don't even know where to start with a dog, and so I would probably just be raising a neighborhood nuisance. What I think it really boils down to is the fact that I'm a wee bit baby hungry and the little puppies somehow bring out my maternal instincts. I'd probably be one of those strange people who dressed up their dog in baby clothes and took it around in a baby carrier, and I might even ask that they announce the birth of my dog in sacrament meeting right along with the new babies who seem to pop up here every week. Just kidding. That could get uncomfortable for some people. So I'm all about comfort for everyone, including you the commentors, and so for now we'll drop the puppy subject.

But speaking of local celebrities, we had a little paparazzi here in our home this morning. Hallie has been begging me(I'm talking real tears here) for a new pair of sunglasses lately. So after a recent trip to the store we compromised and picked out a pair of iCarly sunglasses that we could both agree were cute. She's pretty much been wearing them ever since. I had to laugh when a sleepyhead Hallie came down the stairs first thing this morning with the sunglasses on. She had asked me if she could sleep in them last night, I said no, but now I'm not entirely sure I was obeyed on that one. She didn't seem to like the flash of the camera, so these were the unflattering photos we got. But funny still the same.

Just to balance out Hallie's photo chi I'll show some cute pictures we took yesterday before preschool. Now you can return to your day, and go about your business feeling safe and secure in the fact that I will not be getting a new puppy for Mother's Day. But know that I will enjoy my new iPhone. Maybe it was just a clever ploy after all...


Toria said...

you are so funny! photo chi!
I was about to write that puppy love reminds me of the Eaglestons, but then I remembered it's that song "how much is that doggie in the window" I still don't know why and I still don't know what that has to do with anything- just thought I'd share.

I will have to read some of your comments from yesterdays post cuz I'd probably have to agree with them too- no thanks on the puppy- glad you think dressing it up and all that is weird too. I'm still praying for your baby (ies) to come along.
love you!
and iphone is a pretty sweet request as well. nice ploy.

Becky said...

You are making me laugh! Does Donny have a Puppy Love song that I'm totally unfamiliar with? How do you know these things? Impressive Osmond Chi.

Good thing Hallie is going to sleep incognito; practicing for her future career as stand up comic, hiding from paparazzi and all. P.J. shots on the mag covers are mortifying!

Keith and Lynsi said...

Love how much Hallie is loving her new shades, hilarious! come on, a girl loves her accessories!

Dawn said...

You crack me up, as usual! I'm with all those other non-dog lovers! Too much work. Anyway, Hallie is hillarious, such a little diva with her new shades. Tatym has her same flip flops by the way which are sooooo cute! So good to talk to you the other day, sorry it got cut short, it was actually the charter school calling to tell me Zoe was accepted!! See ya soon:)

pam said...

Hallie must take after her grandmother and have sensitive eyes.