Monday, April 20, 2009


Today I went to fill up my car with gas. As I pulled into the station I notice a rather old and junky looking car filling up next to me. You really don't see too many cars like this these days, I mean really old, maybe 70's or 80's and really kind of scary looking. Then I noticed a scary looking man coming back to this junky car. And what I hadn't noticed until he started yelling was that there was an infant and a toddler sitting by themselves in the back of this junky looking car. The children had been left unattended while the man was inside the gas station, and they were frightened and crying, so he started yelling at them to stop crying.

I wanted to punch the guy. Of course they were crying. And who leaves their two little ones unattended in the car while you go into the gas station? This guy did. And he looked as rough and scary as his old junky car. I would never have left my children in this man's care and I felt so sorry for these kids. I worried about the children as I drove away with the image of the little blonde boy crying with his head in his hands after his father had yelled at him to shut up. It broke my heart. And it makes me tear up to remember it. I said a prayer for these children as I drove away. I felt like it was all I could do for them. I hope they are okay. It makes me sad that there are probably millions of little kids out there like these two with parents who don't properly care for and love them.

I found myself thinking of these two children again this afternoon as I was in a store looking at baby clothes for my friend's baby shower this weekend. It's so sad that some little spirits get sent to live with people like the man at the gas station, and loving homes like mine and so many others are left wanting. It's too heartbreaking to bare. There must be a reason for it, and I hope the Lord looks after those children at the gas station the best way he can. I wish I could have done something more, all I could think to do was say a prayer.


Karla Rauch said...

Oh that is so sad. I saw something kind of like that once at the movie theater. I felt so helpless and wanted to do more too. I think the same thing about children going to different families.

Sarah said...

That's so so sad. If people are acting that way in public, you know it's worse at home. Maybe the man was not their father. Maybe he was just the grumpy uncle and the children's parents are loving and kind.

But those kind of parents would not let the grumpy uncle care for their children.

Mike and Joy said...

Oh! Nancy! That is just awful. I hate things like that, just so sad. I can hardly think about the things that children have to bear in this life, it makes me sick to my stomach. :(

hendywow said...

What a BUMMER! It's so hard when you feel helpless.

Courtney said...

I remember when I was struggling to get pregnant there were a couple of cases of teenagers having babies and leaving them in restrooms or killing them. I just couldn't understand why they were allowed to have a baby and I wasn't. I still don't really understand.

One thing I learned from this week's RS lesson is that Christ has suffered everything that we have and because of that he truly understands each of our trials and struggles. He can comfort us in a way that noone else can because he really has "been there, done that"