Saturday, April 4, 2009

Conference Weekend

Due to the weather:

We will be cozying up to conference fireside.

We had to bake a few signs of Spring since there weren't any to be found here.

Happy Conference Weekend!


hendywow said...

Did Dallas get his phone message and e-mail? I wish I could have some of your yummy sugar cookies!

Emily said...

Those cookies look awesome! Save me one?

Laura said...

Can I have your sugar cookie and frosting recipe, those look awesome! Thanks for your thoughts on names.

Steph said...

We had our annual egg hunt today...we all missed you!

And, thanks for catching me on my afro post and my black male...I really sometimes type without even thinking! Mike caught it when he read the post too, pretty embarrassing!

Jennifer Perkes said...

I love the cute conference cookies! We tried something this year that the kids had a lot of fun with. I made a conference fun box for the kids with goodies and printed things to do from We also built a big tent with the door facing the TV. (Like the people who listened to King Benjamin) The kids really seemed to like that.