Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Silhouettes of Spring?

Remember Winter in Arizona? It was January, 2009, we had fresh lemons on the tree, ripe for the picking.
Hallie worked hard to make us some homemade lemonade, ahhh those were the good old days.

Well welcome to Spring in Utah!

This is what I sent Dallas to school in this morning. My poor Arizona boy doesn't quite know what hit him,"but Mom, it's Spring." The children are so confused. How could it be 70 degrees and Springy one day, and 34 degrees and snowing a few days later. This never happened in Arizona. But everyone just says, It's Utah, wait a couple days and the weather will change. Seeing how the high for tomorrow says 31 degrees I guess we'll have to wait a little while longer for the Spring to return. But I'm not complaining. I'll take a little snow when I can have 70 degree weather through May any day (I can say that because we didn't actually live through the whole winter here).

So since it's snowing I'm keeping my attention inside today. I've been working on some silhouettes of the kids to hang in my bedroom. Here's how they turned out. I put them in these frames I've been eyeing from Ikea. I'm planning on hanging them above my bed.

I showed them to Travis and his response was, "How much do they weigh?"
"Why?" I said.
"Because I want to know how bad it's going to hurt when they fall on my head." was his reply.
Then he muttered something under his breath about his Grandma again. He keeps telling me that my decorating is looking a little grandmotherly. Grandma Nancy. It's not the first time I've been called that and it probably won't be the last. I tried to tell him that these are very chic, and he just doesn't quite get it. But I love that he lets me do it anyway. They are pretty large, and look heavy, but they are actually made of plastic, so they shouldn't hurt him too bad when they fall on his head, darn.

I remember my mom making silhouettes of us when we were kids. In fact she did our whole primary and used the silhouettes as decoration in the chapel for the yearly primary program. So one night for a fun family activity I gathered the children, turned down the lights, and tried to capture the kids' shadows on the wall. We then taped up a piece of paper to trace the shadows onto. Fun right? No. It was a complete fiasco, and not the memory or silhouette I was hoping to capture. Mostly because Hallie couldn't sit still long enough for me to trace her and ended up looking deformed. I ended up yelling out of frustration, and she ended up crying. It wasn't pretty.

So I looked up on NieNie Dialogues and read how Stephanie had made them. Much easier! You take a picture of your subject's profile, print the picture, cut it out, and then paint it black. So that is how I made these. Genius, and no crying involved. You could also cut out the picture and trace it onto black cardstock, and then cut that out. The painting was actually a little tricky, but I thought they turned out well. Here is Dallas' original picture, it's a little mug shotish and bad lighting, but worked great.

It's still snowing outside, time for a little hot chocolate and onto the next decorating project.


Courtney said...

that definitely does not look like spring! i love how the pics turned out.

kms said...

Twilight Zone moment...

I am currently babysitting 4 little boys for a few days and thought it would be fun to do this (following NieNie's directions as well) for their mom for Mother's Day.

Glad to see yours turned out so well.

-Kathy S

Laura said...

OOOH, I think I am going to have to try making some silhouettes. Sorry about the snow. It is freezing cold here too. I want spring to come too.

Emily said...

Welcome to Utah! We should get together. I am in Draper so I am not far from you. Hope you are adjusting okay. The weather stinks, but hopefully will warm up soon! Take care


Keith and Lynsi said...

Wow, Az to Utah is quite the change! Bundle up!
We actually started swimming today... we will all be jealous of you guys by next month though!
Love your "grandmotherly" artwork! I always love and am amazed by your creativeness!

pam said...

Hope you all were able to thaw out a little today in readiness for tomorrows forecasted refreeze. I took advantage of the sunshine and took my coupons to Michael's, Jo Ann's, Roberts', etc. Met Ange doing the same thing. I love all your new decorating ventures.

Maddie said...

its SNOWING?!?!?!!! WOOWW! its a oven in az! u sooo lucky! :)

Savanna said...

i wish it was snowing here!!!! it's soooooooo HOT!!! don't worry spring will come, eventually!