Saturday, March 7, 2009

Porch View

Stephanie wants pictures of my house, but instead I'm posting a picture I took from my front porch on Wednesday. It had quietly snowed through the night Tuesday and this is what we woke up to. It really is beautiful here, you can see why I love our area we chose to live in. The light posts remind me of Narnia, and the views are incredible, and this is only one angle. You can see three different temples from my front porch when the weather cooperates, I'll have to take pictures of that one day. And I do promise to eventually post pictures of the house, but I don't want to do that until I get it where I want it to be, which might be a while. Last week I bought fabric with my mom to recover some chairs and make cushions for the family room. I was excited that the fabric I wanted, which was already a low $5.99 a yard, was on sale for $3/yard. So I bought 20 yards. I guess I'd better like it!

So it's a little different than what I was looking at online. The colors are more subdued, but there is still the green and blue/aqua I was going for, and the brown ties it all in with my carpet and kitchen cabinets. What do you think? Keep in mind the fabulous price and the somewhat traditional style I like and know that I can throw in some fun and funky pillows and accents to go with it. I like it. Hopefully I'll have some finished pictures of the room by the end of next week.


MarySue said...

Love both the view and the fabric. Hope the move-in continues to go well. AZ lost another great family though.

Toria said...

I LOVE the fabric. The colors are great and the price is unbeatable! So cute. You're going to have fun with it! I'm excited to see pics of your house and hear about your new neighborhood and things. I guess you won't be posting the specifics on your public blog, but I'll get them from you somehow.
Happy nesting!

Karla Rauch said...

Oh my goodness... Okay so now I know why you left ole Arizona and moved on up to Utah. It is gorgeous. WOW I can't believe that is your view from your front porch. A whole lot better than another stucco house... I am so glad you made it safely.

I love the fabric. It is traditional but it has kind of a contemporary flare to it and I like it! The colors are great. Can't wait to see more updated pictures. We miss you out here:)

Sarah said...

cute fabric and beautiful view! I say don't wait to post pictures of your house. I'd love to see it right now!