Monday, March 23, 2009

A little girl, a little jewelry, and a little more Winter

I tried taking some pictures of Hallie the other day before preschool. It was a beautiful Spring day here in Utah, notice the flip flops, and Hallie was all about posing herself. (Note to Wendy: doesn't my welcome mat look cute?)

She pretty much refused to look at the camera.

And when she did she made strange faces.

So I have moved on from photographing my children and started photographing inanimate objects like jewelry, they never strike silly poses, always look at the camera and are never afraid to flash those pearly whites.

My Mom, my sister Angela and I went to a bead show together on Saturday, and I picked up a few pieces to add to my collection. I really have too much as it is, so something really has to strike my fancy in order for me to hand over the cash. Fortunately for me there were a few fancy things at the show that were to my liking. I found a really cool black ring. I really don't have any rings with black in them, so I was happy to get this one as I wear black a lot, and now my hands will look a little more sparkly when I do.

But speaking of hands, pay no attention to the dry skin in this photo, this air here is killing my hands.

It reminded me of this cobalt blue ring that I already owned (I bought it at the first jewelry show I went to in Tucson). I think I broke the bank on this black ring as it set me back a whopping $8. At least if my jewelry ever gets stolen I will have plenty of documentation, maybe I should say it cost a lot more than it really did.

And just to remind Travis of my love of all things bird lately I bought this gold pendant. It's not real gold of course, I think it set me back a whole $7.42. Can you sense a theme here? I tend to go for the costume pieces, but I'll buy the real thing some day when my budget can handle it, don't you worry. Could you get on that one honey?

My kids always expect me to bring them something when I go to these things, so this was Hallie's present. I thought these charms were adorable. Who doesn't like teeny, tiny cake and donuts? I know I do. And Hallie does too. These charms were $2 a piece so I picked up a sliver of cake for myself, I never pass up cake.

And this is what I found for Dallas. It is really hard to find something at a bead show that a six- year-old boy will like, but I thought this would do the trick nicely. What boy doesn't like a plastic enrobed insect? He might have liked the real thing better, but this is the kind of bug I allow in my house. And seeing how this was a bead show I had to pick up a few sparkly beads too. Someday I will make a bracelet out of this, maybe if I have enough left over I'll put one up for a giveaway and then you can feel the love too. Stay tuned...

Remember those flip flops Hallie wore a few days ago? Well don't adjust your screen, it is really this gray in Utah today. I think the lions and lambs got a little mixed up here, and it seems like March in Utah is going out like a lion. Notice the signs of Spring as some new sprouts have appeared on my little tree, but Winter is still here for a few days. We decided to embrace the cold once more, I had hot chocolate for breakfast and think soup sounds nice for dinner. This weather is motivating me to stay inside and finish my home decor projects. I've been working on my bedroom the past few days. If I ever get it finished I'll post the results. And I'm having my craftsman father-in-law help me make a few end tables for my guest bedroom.

I like this one from Ballard Designs, but it costs $159, so we (meaning he mostly) are going to attempt to copy it. My father-in-law Kent is an amazing carpenter and thinks he can build me two of these. I'll show you the results soon. If all goes well I think we should attempt a few of these (also from Ballard Designs) for my bedroom.

That's it for now. Maybe if this weather keeps up I'll have some new pictures of my house to show you, that is if I can stop taking pictures of my jewelry. That's better than taking pictures of my head, right Lindsey?


Jen said...

I'm a fan of those tables. I hope they turn out :)

Steph said...

I wish I was there for the bead show! Love the pics of Hallie...too funny!

AL&G said...

I love all your pics, Nancy! I am excited to see your place with the new furniture, too. It's fun to watch you get situated. Later skater.

Lfree said...

Nancy - this is Laurie your neighbor down the street. We met briefly at the bus stop the other day. Before you think you have a stalker...check this out. I was talking to my brother Ken today, who asked if anyone named Travis & Nancy had moved into my ward. Long story short, he gave me your blog address 'cause he thought the area in your pics looked like my neighborhood. Small world...yes.....Ken Donahoo is my brother. We were both shocked - on the same street even! Small world - huh? I was so excited. He says to say "hi". I would've just called if I'd had your number...anyway, we'll have to talk more!

pam said...

I want to know if the placicized bug has a hole through it so you can put it on a chain and hang it around Dallas's neck? Otherwise why would they be selling it at a bead show? Thanks for the fun day.