Monday, March 30, 2009

Home Sweet Blizzardy Home

I've been steadily getting the house put together, so since you've asked I thought I'd share some of the progress. Come on in, I'll show you.

The first thing you'll see is my newly adorned front door. My sister-in-law Jill and her husband Craig were our first house guests this weekend so, as I often do with talented family and friends, I put them to work. Okay so Jill and I were shopping and I told her that I'd been looking everywhere for a wreath for the front door, and that the ones I liked the most were in the $150 dollar range; and that's a little too much for my budget. Then Jill reminded me that she is an amazingly talented floral designer (maybe she didn't exactly say it like that, but the woman has more talent for floral design in her little toe than I do in my whole body) and offered to help me make one. We decided to hit Tai Pan and find the perfect Spring leafery (I don't think that's a word, but I'll use it anyway). Jill used our yellow and green loot to make this beautiful piece of art. I absolutely love it, and think it's even better than the $150 kind.

Here's my favorite part.

I'm a sucker for a little bird. Since Dallas and I don't have hummingbirds to watch out our front window anymore we'll just have to enjoy this little guy.

Speaking of animals, I also found myself a cute little dog, the kind that doesn't bark.

I keep him on the dresser in my bedroom.

Right under my newly painted mirror. It's still up for debate whether I like the color or not. I think I need to add some decorative knobs on the dresser in the same color. I like how through the looking glass you can see my newly hung silhouettes.

It's quite possible that the silhouettes are crooked. They were hard to hang for amateurs like me and Travis, but the crookedness just adds character, right. I'm still not done with this part. I'm going to add more pillows, and cover the lamp shades, and I ordered a monogram to go in between the silhouettes. I'll show it to you again when it's all done.

Since I've been working so hard on the house I don't get out that often these days. That, and the blizzards that seem to appear outside my window each morning. It's maybe a little embarrassing to admit that Dallas stayed home the other morning because he looked out the window and said, "Mom, I don't think I can do it. I've never been out in a blizzard before." So I agreed that maybe he'd be more comfortable at home that day. Reminds me a little of how I was in college, if it snowed too hard, I stayed home a time or two. Right Dawn? Luckily this week is Spring Break so we didn't even have to decide whether or not to stay home when I found this outside this morning.

Yes that's a snow plow. We like to keep them employed here through Spring. I'll just be happy for Mr. Snowplowman that he still has a job in this rough economy, and try not to feel bad that we're stuck inside during Spring Break. Because when I'm stuck inside too long I have conversations like this little doozy that I had with my sister-in-law Jill after she explained that her stepson was at a study-a-broad in Stockholm.
Me: "Does he speak German?"
Jill: "No, Stockholm's in Sweden."
Me: "Oh. I never was very good at Geometry."
Jill: "You mean Geography."
Me: "Ya, I was just making a joke."
Okay so I wasn't making a joke. But I did realize my mistake as soon as it left my mouth. Problem is sometimes my brain and my mouth have a short in their connection. I think I need to get out more.

Or maybe I should stay in and have a Geography lesson or two. I did buy Travis a new globe for his office, but it's in French. Maybe that's my problem.


Carolyne said...

Your silhouettes don't look crooked at all! And, they look so charming in the reflection of the mirror! I think blue knobs would really make it pop!

It's wonderful to meet so many crafty people in the blogosphere, isn't it?

Becky said...

You crack me up!
Snow = Yucky.
Home = Loveliness.
Love the wreath and the dog!
I'm glad you let Dallas stay home. They closed down the schools in NJ every time it snowed hard!

Angela said...

You already know I love all the house stuff, Nanc. Maybe now that you live here I'll have to get you over to my house to get it decorated.

Mandy said...

I love the geography, geometry stuff. Just wait til Dallas is in 9th grade and taking both those classes.

House looks great but we miss you here.

kimber said...

I'm glad your getting all settled in with all your cute decorations! I can't believe the snow. That's when you love AZ right now. But I'm sure in the middle of the summer you'll be so glad you're there and not here.

pam said...

I have said for some time now that trying to learn words in a new language causes all those shorts in the brain.

hendywow said...

It's lookin gorge! We will all be soo jealous when were dying this summer at 115 degress!

Dawn said...

Your house is looking great and I especially love your kids silhouettes. I just might have to do that myself when we move.