Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nancy of Green Gables

Some of you may know of my love for Anne Of Green Gables. I can't say I have a love for the book, because I've never actually read it. Phew. Can't believe I wrote that in print. But it's true, I love the movie, I'm sure I'd love the book too if I read it, but you can't see what Gilbert Blythe looks like in a book, and I'm pretty happy with the casting in the movie. Anyway in my younger years I'd watch that movie any chance I got, especially the bridge scene when Gilbert is all better and Anne realizes she loves him, I love that part, you know when they kiss even though Anne's hair looks really bad.

So the reason I'm reminiscing about Anne of Green Gables this morning is because I had my own Anne of Green Gables moment yesterday. I had noticed that my favorite necklace that I wear practically everyday was not in it's usual place. I hadn't been wearing it that much this week since I was sick in bed a lot. So I started looking for it and couldn't find it and concluded that Hallie must have lost it. (You see the necklace has a charm with her name on it and she likes to play with it.) So I found Hallie and asked her if she'd seen the necklace. She said no. So I interrogated her further, "Hallie were you playing with mommy's necklace and you lost it." She thought about it for a while and then broke into tears, saying she was so sorry. I told her to go find it for me. So she went on a search, but came up empty, and in tears was once again explaining her sorrow for losing it. I figured we'd find it somewhere along the way and was sad that she had lost it.Until this morning that is when I noticed my necklace on my bedside table where I must have removed it myself. Oh man, it was like Marilla with the broach all over again. You see Marilla had a broach that Anne loved and when it became lost Marilla blamed Anne. Anne protested her innocence, and when Marilla wouldn't believe her Anne made up a crazy story about how she'd lost it in the lake, just to get Marilla off her back. Then Marilla found it behind her dresser and realized that Anne had never lost it in the first place. That was my poor Hallie crying over the necklace she'd never even lost. So I found Hallie this morning and apologized for thinking she'd lost it somehow. Maybe I'm a mean mom. Maybe I just like to take a short story and make it long, very long. But if you're not tired of my Anne meanderings yet would you like to hear how she helped bring me and Travis together? I'll give you the condensed version.

I think I've said before that Travis and I met while working at a call center together in college. My sister Katie actually met him first, and worked with him in training. She used to tell me how funny he was, I mostly thought he looked a little big and scary, but then she mentioned something about him that piqued my interest. He'd served his mission in Eastern Canada, part of which was Prince Edward Island. I remember perking up upon hearing this fact. Who ever heard of the Anne of Green Gables mission? Not me. Okay so it wasn't called that, but that is how I pictured it, I'm sure. But any boy who wanted to talk Anne of Green Gables was a boy I wanted to visit with more. And so, one of my very first conversations with Trav was me gushing about A.O.G.G. and how I couldn't believe he'd been to Prince Edward Island. He promises to take me there someday... maybe I'll even give myself some bad victorian hair and kiss him on a bridge. A girl can only dream.


Mike and Joy said...

I was pretty much obsessed with this movie and love how you incorporated it into your search for the necklace. I have also falsely accused Rachel of doing the same thing, and it makes you feel so bad. I am jealous that Travis is going to take you to P.E.I. someday! My dream come true!

Toria said...

I forgot Travis served his mission in Halifax (I remember that mission because I went out with a guy who I discussed AOGG with in great length because of it). Anyway, I'm opposite of you and have never really seen the movies, but I loved the books. I tried reading them when I was younger, but I think they were a little too wordy for me (Sweet Valley twins were much quicker reads). I read them all the summer after I got married. They're great, maybe they can be your treadmill books or something. I highly recommend!

Lindsey said...

Too funny! I too loved AOGG as a girl and recently introduced her to my children. The books and movies are still great!