Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In good company

Dallas was home sick today and I ended up being glad that he and Hallie were there by me as we watched the inauguration of President Obama. Whether or not I politically agree with the President I recognize the historical significance of today's events, and have hope for our future. I have to for my children's sake as well as my own. My favorite part of today was watching the President's gorgeous daughters and the pure joy and excitement in their faces.

And my favorite observation of the day was that we've just elected ourselves a lefty. I'm raising a left handed boy and I appreciate the uniqueness lefties bring. Other famous lefties:

Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Ludwig van Beethoven, Benjamin Franklin, Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein.

Not to mention that six of the U. S. Presidents since WWII were left handed as well. I think Dallas is in good company.


Sarah said...

Yes, a pretty amazing and peaceful day.
The Obama girls are darling and it will be interesting to see what this presidency has in store for them. I hope they can be shielded somewhat from the media.

Emily said...

Hey my Avery is a lefty! I think she is such a smarty pants!

kimber said...

That's funny you mentioned the left hand thing. I just saw that he was left handed last night and right away thought of Madix who is also left handed and what great accomplishments they can make and how she's gonna become somewhere big, like Pres. Obama:)