Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blonde Moments

Last night I took my friend to drop off her two girls at mutual*. After the girls got out of the car I asked my friend what the activity was that they were going to. She said they are going to a Stake* Murder Mystery for the Priests* and Laurels*. I said, "Oh, that sounds like fun, who is providing the steaks?" She started laughing and said, "No Nancy they aren't eating steak, it's a stake activity including all the Priests and Laurels from the whole stake." We proceeded to bust up laughing. (I may be more closely related to Amelia Bedilia than I'd like to think on that one.)

Then this morning my home telephone was ringing and I couldn't find the cordless phone anywhere. I could hear it ringing, but couldn't see it. Then I realized the ring was coming from inside my purse, where I usually keep my cell phone. I'm an idiot.

After I told Travis the story about the steak dinner he said I shouldn't tell that to anyone. Cute husband of mine, worried that people might think I'm a dumb blonde, but I thought it was so funny that I should tell everyone. Because I know everyone knows how smart I actually am, right? So to prove I'm not a total idiot I'm showing you the bag I made for the NieNie auction in Provo on February 2nd. I had thought I might be there for it, but at this point I still don't have an actual move date. Pretty much everything to do with this move is out of my hands, and that drives me crazy. But we will hopefully have a move date by tomorrow, and once that happens it will all come together very quickly. We closed on our new house yesterday and I'm feeling a little sad that it is just sitting there waiting for us. I wouldn't want my double ovens to get too lonely. So hopefully we'll be there soon.

And if you too are feeling sad that you won't be able to attend the Nie Nie concert because you don't live in Provo, don't worry, you can still bid on the auctions from home. Read about it here.

*For my friends out there who are unfamiliar with Mormon Lingo I hope this helps:
Mutual: a weekly activity planned for the youth ages 12-18
Stake: LDS churches are divided into wards based on where you live, and then multiple wards are put together to create Stakes
Priests: boys ages 16 and older
Laurels: girls ages 16 and older


Sarah said...

I really love that bag!!!!!

Keith and Lynsi said...

This post made me laugh! Good ole Mormon lingo!
Cute bag!!!

Kathy said...

Awww Nancy, I got all choked up thinking about you leaving. Cute bag, as usual! As for the dumb blonde stories, I have them daily and I'm not blonde. I learn to just laugh at myself.

Emily said...

Nance, I'm putting the bag up on the auction blog. Can you be sure to send it to me so I have it for the 2nd? Thanks so much.

J~Mom said...

Hi! Do you sell your bags? You can email me through my blog profile if you do. They are very cute! Thanks!! :>)