Friday, January 23, 2009

Birthday wishes

This happens to be birthday season at my house and among many of my friends, so humor me while I once again give a birthday shout out. How could I not on this day, the 23rd of January, where two people I love with all my heart share their birthday. Today is my mom and my oldest and dearest sister Becky's birthday.

I know I've bragged about my family before, but did I ever tell you I'm related to Martha Stewart? Okay not the Martha Stewart, but my Martha Stewart. My Mom is the most talented woman I know. I think as a kid I just thought all moms came that way, but as a mother myself I've realized how very special a lady my Mother is. Her talents and beauty rank high on my scale and I appreciate all that she has done for me and taught me to do. I'm just glad that she decided to raise six kids instead of an empire. But since she's in the prime of her life (she drives to Arizona from Utah by herself on a moments notice, did I mention she's also a trucker?) she still has plenty of time for the empire. I was very happy last night when she called and said she was on her way to Arizona and wanted to stay with me. So the kids and I threw together an impromptu birthday party for her. Good thing I happened to bake 12 dozen cupcakes the night before. More on the cupcakes to come, but for now, Happy Birthday Mom, I love you!

And then there's my Becky. I don't think that there is a sweeter person in this entire world than my sister Becky. Becky is a peacemaker, and does everything in her power to surround herself with peace and happiness. Sometimes this is hard when you have a trouble making, rebel rousing, younger sister. Okay so I'm not so much of a trouble maker, but compared to my angel sister I tend to have a little devil in me. I'm glad that I've got her to keep me in line! Did I mention that Becky is pregnant with her sixth child? Yes, at 35, Becky is completing her life long dream of a large family. I applaud her motherhood, and am anxious to meet her new little one. She is having her third boy which now completes her Brady Bunch dream. Becky, I love you so much, and hope you have the happiest of birthdays and if you find yourself in the delivery room tonight I'd be oh so happy to add a third person to this birthday post! I love you both, more than blog posts can describe, happy happiest of birthdays to you!


Courtney said...

I was just talking to Becky and she said your post made her cry. Happy birthday to both of the birthday girls - have fun at the housedress party!

Angela said...

Um...what's a housedress party, and can I come?

Karla Rauch said...

That is such a sweet tribute for your mom and sister. They sound like such awesome ladies. I think no one can take that special place like a mother and a sister. They are both so cute!!!