Saturday, January 3, 2009

Back to my roots

Do you know the name of my blog? It's My Blonde Ambitions. I think that there should be a ruling committee to help you deem whether or not your blog's name is stupid. They could have you submit several ideas, and then help you narrow them down until you come to the best possible choice for your blog name. Because if I had run my name by said committee, I might not be stuck with such a stupid name. Believe it or not I did think about the name before choosing it, I'm just not sure what state of mind I was in. I had just gotten my hair done, and I think the bleach may have seeped into my brain. Why no one said, "Madonna has a world tour with the same name," or "Jessica Simpson will have a failed movie with a similar name," or "Don't use that you'll sound like a trucker hooker" (a phrase I learned from my brother-in-law, excuse the language) is beyond me. No, at the time, I thought it was cute and clever and encompassed all the things I might like to do on this blog.

So unless I choose to change my name and move on to a new blog, we are here in this together, and stuck with my stupid name. So if you like me I suppose you'll stay and just say behind my back, "what was she thinking?" It's okay, you can say it to my face, and I will simply answer, "I don't know, I don't know."

This week I have been waiting to once again get my hair done. Dark roots are a condition I have that arises every 4-6 weeks. This time may be the last time I get my hair done with my beloved hairdresser Leisel, and so I was pondering going a little darker. So I announced to Travis last night that I might just dye my hair darker since I don't know if I can find as good a colorist as Leisel after we move. He said, "No, keep it, I've always liked your hair color." I said, "I like it too, but I think this would be cheaper and less upkeep." And Travis answered with one of his many analogies, "You can't put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari, Nance." I had to laugh at this, as I have never thought of myself as a Ferrari, and would never have thought to use that phrase in this situation, especially since I'd never heard it before.

Anyway this "Ferrari" went in for a tune-up today and came out as blonde as I was at four years old. So I say that by bleaching my hair I am truly going back to my roots. And besides it's my blonde ambition to bleach my hair if I want to. Seeing as I suffer from FLS (Fat Lady Syndrome) sometimes my hair is the only thing I feel good about. Here's some before and after pictures for you, as if talking about myself for four paragraphs wasn't enough I believe in visuals. Now you can see just how much I needed this tune up. Ferraris are a lot of upkeep you know, even blonde chubby ones.

*As a side note I think I may have even spelled blonde wrong, I believe it's actually spelled blond, I did it on purpose I'm sure. But that's yet again another thing the committee for stupid blog names could have stopped me from. Oh well. You live and you learn.



Have you ever tried to take a picture of the top of your head in the mirror? I think I'm going to start a trend here, you should really try it. You'll be glad you did. Come on, grab your camera, and get back to your roots.


Keith and Lynsi said...

You are so funny! I love your writing... and your hair. It looks great!

hendywow said...

I love the blog name!!! And you are truly a Ferrari my friend.

Angela said...

I know a good colorist in UT, if you don't mind driving down to Salem to get it done. YOu could just use it as an excuse to hang out with me.

Becky said...

Leaving your fabulous hair stylist tops my list of worst things about moving!

As I happened to see you in person on the day the "Ferrari" got her tune up I can official say you've got a head of "hot hair!"

Laura said...

You are some hot Ferrari Nancy. You can always drive home for a quick touch up. Remember when my roommate Heather would fly home to get hers done? I think you look fantastic and Travis was right. You look great as a blonde.

Jennifer Woodbury said...

I think your blog name is perfect! And the hair looks fab!

Sarah said...

That Leisel, she's amazing! I like your blonde ambitions name. And blonde can be spelled either way. Especially if you're European. And you look hot!

MarySue said...

Funny are blond(e)...and beautiful!!! I love your blog and it's name. Happy new year Sweetie.

pam said...

You and the hair look great! You'll just have an excuse to take me with you and drive down to Mesa often to get your hair done. If Oprah can fly out from Chicago on her private jet to L.A. to get her eyebrows tweezed, you can drive to Mesa to get your hair done.

Toria said...

I love your hair. When I saw your post title I thought "no, Nancy cannot go dark- she is a true blonde" Glad your cute husband knows what he's talking about- even with the random analogy!
I spell blonde with an e, always have always will and I think I'm a pretty good speller.
I wouldn't have rejected your blog title. I wish mine was something cute and witty and less personal than my LAST NAME!
and you are the best writer! I'm waiting for your book someday, until then, I'll just enjoy your blog.
Oh and my good friend Melissa from California is now living in Draper and does hair out of her home. I'll get you her contact info. She's so fun, and if she doesn't do color the way you like it, I know she won't be offended if you move on or back to leisel!