Monday, December 1, 2008

Root canals, space shuttles and the secret

Today I had a root canal. I'm going to add that to the list of experiences I never wanted to have. It's right up there with my D and C and Gal bladder removal. Part of the reason the term "root canal" strikes fear in my mouth comes from Miss Courtney. You see when I was a freshman in High School and she was a senior we had the same math teacher. Different classes, she being a math genius and me being math challenged, but same teacher. And I can vividly recall in my mind the day when Courtney had to get a root canal. She had the teacher earlier in the day than I did, and she put a long note on the chalkboard explaining that she was having a root canal at such and such a time and could everyone please hold a moment of silence for her. The only other time I remember having a moment of silence in school was in the third grade when the space shuttle Challenger exploded mid-air. So if Courtney's root canal required a moment of silence in the same way the death of the astronauts did, then a root canal must be a horrific and near fatal experience. So needless to say I was not excited to get a root canal today.

But after living through a root canal I can tell you that it's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Either that or I had a fabulous endodontist, which I did. Luckily I have a great endodontist in my stake and dentist in my ward who both helped me out tremendously today. And if that wasn't enough right before I was about to leave for my root canal I got a call from the school nurse at Dallas' elementary school saying that Dallas had collided with another kid on the playground and jammed his teeth and caused gum damage. So as if going to the endodontist wasn't enough I had to pick Dallas up and take him to our family dentist. We both got lucky though in that Dallas' fumble hadn't caused damage to his roots and he didn't have to have any work done, and I only have to have a filling on top of my root canal and not a crown. And luckier still my dentist is going to fill the root canal for free since it was needed on a tooth he had just filled a year ago. I'm so glad we said prayers this morning and asked Heavenly Father to bless Dallas at school, I think he was listening.

And so I'm going to keep praying and follow Oprah's "secret" and put this out into the universe:

Dear Dental Gods, I think we have had our fair share of dental problems for a few years, please leave us alone for the time being. We will be happy to have dental problems when we are filthy rich and have dental insurance.

Sincerely, Nancy

**And on a more exciting topic that has nothing whatsoever to do with teeth check out my sister Angela and her crazy twelve days of Christmas giveaway! She is talented I tell ya, and she has great teeth too. Not a root canal in sight.


Laura said...

um I need your dentist. I had a root canal last week and it was $1000 without the crown, which I also need. You are so lucky!!! No need to pray to the dental Gods, they already gave you a gift. Glad everyone is okay.

Angela said...

Nanc, I'm glad you think I have great teeth. I'll tell you, they didn't come as easy as your root canal! Fortunately the Dental Gods have been leaving me alone since I was about 20. Hopefully things stay that way.

Courtney said...

This post made me laugh. I forgot about that note on the chalkboard. My root canal actually wasn't bad either sorry I didn't put a postscript on the chalkboard to help with your anxiety.

I'm glad you and Dallas are both recovering!

pam said...

Glad your root canal is over and that it went well and that all is OK with yours and Dallas's teeth. Last Sunday I went to a family meeting in the beautiful home of a cousin I hadn't seen much since childhood, found out he is an endodonitst. He's really nice and I could have recommended him, but sounds like you hooked up with a good endodontist a little closer to home. Love to all your family.

Karla Rauch said...

Ugh root canals... Not fun. I hope you feel better soon.

Steph said...

This was a funny story! But, sad that you had to have a root canal...I hope never to experience that!

I am headed to Angela's blog to see her stuff!