Monday, December 8, 2008

The biggest football game of my life

"Give me your hand." He said as he timidly held his own out to receive it. I gladly gave it to him fully knowing that I never wanted it back. He opened the palm of my hand and placed it securely over his beating heart.

"Can you feel that?" He asked. "I feel like I'm about to go play the biggest football game of my life." He said in his sweet charming way. Little did he know that I was more than willing to become his star quarterback in the Super Bowl of life.

From the moment I laid my hand on Travis' heart I knew that it belonged with mine. There was such familiarity in that beat. My heart fell in sync with his under those Summer stars nine and a half years ago, and it has never beat for anyone else.

My husband has the gift of charm, and he pulled out all the stops when it came to wooing me. To say that I fell in love with him at first sight would ruin any love story we ever created. In fact quite the opposite. We met at a call center in college. I along with my sister Katie had taken a summer job there hoping to have fun, meet people and collect a pay check every so often. The money we made was pretty much an added bonus to the time we had hanging out in the warehouse.

Travis stood out in that warehouse from day one. Literally. He never seemed to sit down. He preferred to stand up in between calls and even while on them. I noticed him. I watched him. And I think I may have even been fearful of him. He was not the type of guy I usually fell for. He had blond hair, blue eyes, and looked like a football player. Three strikes against him. If there was anything I thought I knew at the time about my "future husband," it was that he had dark hair, brown eyes and didn't even watch football, let alone play it. I mostly thought football players were cocky jerks. I won't say that I was entirely wrong on that thought, but I never thought that I'd fall in love with one either. Looks can be deceiving.

First impressions aside, from the moment I first spoke to Travis I fell for him. My heart knew it before my head did. It's a good thing my head is so often wrong. I have always been, uh hum, directionally challenged. I'm terrible with directions. When asked for directions I usually tell people to listen to me tell them how to get somewhere, and then go the complete opposite way if they want to actually make it to their destination. That pretty much sums up my relationship with Travis. He is in so many ways the direct opposite of what I thought I wanted, yet somehow we work and have found ourselves headed, together, in the right direction ever since we met.

Travis turned twenty-four while we were engaged. I didn't know what to get this cute boy whose ring I so gladly wore, so I made him a quilt. At the time I didn't know much about sewing, so I turned to Katie who pretty much knows how to make anything. I picked out the only cute football fabric I could find to make that quilt. It has teddy bears all over it in various NFL jerseys. Cheese was oozing out of that present, but my heart was sewn into every stitch. I remember feeling somewhat silly when it came to actually giving it to him, but he loved it because he loves me. I made him another football themed quilt for his thirty-first birthday, this time it carried the logo of his favorite team.

I'd make Travis a quilt for every single birthday that he has if I had somewhere to put them. I guess I like to give quilts to the people I love. They are a great expression of love. They are there to comfort you and warm you from the cold. This year no quilts though. In fact I don't even have much in the way of presents for Travis. So this is my gift to him. Now that he has become the number one fan of my blog I wanted to blanket him in my love through words. He stole my heart with his charm, and I want to wish him a Happy Birthday with mine. I think a candlelight picnic is in order on this birthday, and I know just which quilt to put it on. I love you Travis, even more than these words can express. Happy Birthday!


pam said...

What a nice tribute and cute pictures too. We also wish you a happy birthday Travis. Are you sure you want to come here? Nancy talks about candle light picnics, but here it would have to be indoors as it is currently snowing. We are glad we are looking forward to seeing you soon and celebrating birthdays and Christmas with you all.

Angela said...

Awe, that was sweet! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRAV!

elizabeth winsby said...

Happy Birthday to your Travis. My Travis turns 38 tommorow! How funny is that!