Sunday, November 30, 2008

Licensed to the Gills

My husband has recently become licensed to the gills. Only I don't know what that even means. In fact I wonder if I'm even using the phrase right. Mom? Anyone? Emily? I'm looking to be corrected here, or informed what the phrase I'm using means. Maybe it's licensed to the hills. But I don't even know if that makes sense either. Sometimes I remind myself of Cher on Clueless. I like to use big words and phrases that I think work where I place them, but then I second guess whether they even make sense.

It doesn't help that Travis likes to call me out when I use a phrase wrong. Take for instance the other night. We were watching a salacious television program where the main character, a woman, was dating a man at least 15 years younger than her. I said, "he really has that Oedipus Rex syndrome." Travis said, "Oedipus Rex, whose that? T-Rex's brother?" He went on to tell me that it's just Oedipus, not Oedipus Rex, and he was so certain of this fact that we both laughed and laughed at my ignorance and mistake. It was only a few weeks after the incident that I was telling my sister Becky (the English major) about my silly mistake and she said, that's no mistake, it is Oedipus Rex. Well one Wikipedia check later and she was right, and I was right, and Travis was wrong. Well don't go thinking I didn't print that off to prove him wrong. Because believe me, I did. The way I remember it he was coming home that evening from a business trip and I printed the Wikipedia reference right up and handed it to him first thing. Well not first thing because it was dark when we picked him up and Hallie had just thrown up on the way to the airport. But after the throw up was dealt with and Travis was warm and cozy and secure in our own bed, I whipped out that Wikipedia reference and had him read it to me, out loud. And then I repeated his words, "Oedipus Rex, whose that? T-Rex's brother?" in his mocking voice just to reiterate my point. And what was the point? The point was that I was right, he was wrong, and he made me second guess my knowledge. And then I was the one laughing. I probably second guessed myself because Travis has more licenses than me.

I only have one official license that I know of, and that is my driver's license. I remember vividly the day I went to get my driver's license. I was pretty sure of myself because I had just gone through the rigors of Driver's Ed (oh the stories I could tell about Driver's Ed, but I'll spare you that for now). Anyway I knew the three point turn like the back of my hand. So when the day came to take my driver's test I felt fairly confident that I could pass, but was mostly worried about what I'd say to my friends if I didn't. And I was horrified of the 16-year-old-shame that would come with such an atrocity. When I was leaving for the test my Dad must have been feeling rather generous and offered his car for me to take the test in. At the time my father drove an Infiniti Q45. It was for sure the nicest car I'd ever driven in. And so my confidence shot through his posh sun roof and I passed my test with flying colors. License in hand, I didn't have to face the shame of not passing, and I think my stock with my friends rose a little. Seriously, they would never have let me live it down if I had failed the test.

Back to my very licensed husband. Travis, in his professional life, is a Financial Advisor. He has many licenses. But he got a new one yesterday, which in my mind makes him, "licensed to the gills." Yesterday he passed his series 24 test and received that license. PHEW! You don't even know what that means for our family. We've all been watching him study and stress out about this test, and were incredibly elated to see him pass. He now has his series 6, 63, 51, 24, 26, & 7, not to mention his insurance licenses in many states. Now I don't know exactly what each license means, but I know what they mean for him. I know that they mean that he can now go open an office where he is the manager, and they mean a new chapter in his professional life. I'm so excited for him and proud of him. Yesterday while he was taking his test I was picking up things around our room and found a very official looking piece of paper that Hallie had been playing with. When I examined this paper closely I realized that it was an old fishing license of Travis'. I took this as a good omen to see his name printed on the license and thought, there's just one more license to add to Travis' long list. It's almost like he's James Bond, only without the killing and womanizing part. To make this long story short (a skill I've yet to develop) I'm so proud of Travis and all his hard work and the many, many licenses he has. If you see him tell him congratulations, he deserves it! Or you could just leave a comment here as Travis has just recently become a reader of this blog. Oh how I love that man, and now his stock has risen with me. Today we will break out the sparkling cider.


Courtney said...

congrats to travis! i am excited for you to start the next chapter of your life as long as it starts after i get to see you at christmas!

Emily said...

Congratulations, Travis, oh reader of blogs! We are excited for cousins to move nearby! Also, we just sent a little birthday gift, so if you get a strange package, that's who it's from.

I've never heard of that expression, so you got me! But I know a thing or two about oedipal complexes, mostly because I own the book "I'll Love You Forever" which grosses me out to no end.

Becky said...

Hoorah Travis! We are so stinking proud of you and your licensed gills! Does this gill illusion tie in with your fishing license or what? Let's refer to you as The License Rex (Rex meaning King here). Way to go! (But please don't go. . .to Utah, that is!)

Angela said...

I glanced at Becky's comment and thought it said "Holla, Travis!". But it just says "hoorah", so instead, I'll say Holla, Travis!

pam said...

Since Angela is saying "Hola, Travis, I will add my "felicitaciones!" Travis, new reader of blogs and licensed to your gills or was that the gills of the fish you went after. And Nancy, we are glad you never learned the art of telling a shorter version of the story because we love all the interesting details and are glad your mind retains them all so you can share them with us.

Julie Dalton said...

Congrats to travis. i wish him all the luck in life. may the Almighty shower him with graces.