Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Haunting we will go

We had good friends, good weather, good pizza, a good neighborhood for trick-or-treating, and good fun on one wicked night. We were so happy Stephanie decided to pack up her crew and head to AZ for Halloween. And Mandy's cute little witches were so much fun to watch enjoying the Halloween traditions. We got a lot of our "old" friends together for pizza and trick-or- treating. And as my Dad would say, "a lovely time was had by all."

And Dallas, fueled by sugar, chased the soccer ball around all morning. I on the other hand am ready for a nap after the festivities of last night and this morning. Maybe I should raid the candy stash, it seems to be giving my kids a lot of energy.


pam said...

Glad y'all had a fun Halloween. Even more fun with Stephanie and Mandy and families. Everybody looks great. Kind of a quiet evening here, a few trick or treaters, but too much candy left over! Steve's kids are coming over later today, but they are being paid not to eat candy so I guess I can't give it to them. What a shame.

Courtney said...

Those pics make me a little homesick! It looks like you guys had a great time together.

Steph said...

I agree..."a lovely time was had by all"! I am happy with my spur of the moment decision to pack the crew up and head to AZ, it was so fun! I am glad we could all meet at the "Peach Pit" and trick-or-treat together!