Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I had been thinking it would be fun to have a cute turkey shirt for Hallie, so yesterday at 8 a.m. before Dallas' 10 a.m. class party we whipped one together. I think she liked it, too bad she'll only be able to wear it for two days, but I thought it was worth it. Today I am thankful for the right side of my face. For you see the right side of my face feels fine and dandy and slept very well thank you. But the left side of my face on the other hand was up in the night in crazy pain. Even the left half of my nose hurts. Have you ever known you had a cavity and put it off only to be in horrific pain, the kind like Tom Hanks was in on Castaway, only to realize that it's Thanksgiving and no dentists work on Thanksgiving? Just where is a good Dental ER when I need one? I think I'll tell Barrack Obama to add a Dental Emergency Room to his list of job creations. Forget freeways and clean energy, what we really need is a place where hard working Americans can go when they are in dental pain on Thanksgiving. I could really use one right now. If there are any dentists who read my blog and are willing to work on trade, give me a call. I could make a really slick dental bag. I could even applique a happy tooth on it like the kind that don't have cavities. I'm only praying there's no need for a root canal, but at this point I'd take a Panama root canal if I had too.
But let's not focus on my dental problems. Today is Thanksgiving! I'm wishing that I was with my entire family to celebrate and eat my mom's stuffing and pies, but grateful for lifelong friends who willingly take in a few cavity filled stragglers for Thanksgiving day.


Angela said...

Happy Thanksgiving Nancy! You know I'd be happy to make you pumpkin cheesecake anytime. Enjoy the day, and I hope you can get your tooth fixed tomorrow.

Toria said...

cute shirt Nancy! so clever and you're so like me, I always think my kids need to dress festive for any and every occasion!
Call my Dad! I'm going to send him an email right now and then I'm off to bed.

pam said...

Nancy, Sorry about your tooth ache. It's now a couple of days after Thanksgiving, so hope you were able to get it taken care of. Hope you had a fun time at the Cannons. We had a good day, ate at Steve's, did a Humanitarian project at the MTC assembling 10,000 first aid kits, dessert at our house in the evening. Ate too much. Missed you and Hallie's cute shirt.

Shannon said...

I am heeding your dental warning. I think I have a cavity too, but haven't been to the dentist for a while. I'm gonna make an appointment this week. Hope your feeling better now.

Happy (belated)Thanksgiving.