Friday, September 12, 2008

Morning Conversations and Compositions

As I was getting Dallas his breakfast this morning before school he said to me:

"Mom, is a Hasselhoff an animal? A flower? Is it a thing?"

My reply? "You watch too much TV." Then I tried to explain to him in first grade language just exactly what a Hasselhoff is.

He then went on to give me some information about a teacher at school.

"Guess what, there's a teacher at school named Rudolph. They call her Mrs. Rudolph. They go by their last names. How do you spell cookie?"

My reply. "Dallas, eat your breakfast."

His reply. "Can I play after school?"

Hallie is beside me right now singing a song she composed about "having fun, really having fun, really having lots of fun, and eating cake, her favorite part." I believe this song to be about her upcoming birthday. This "having lots of fun, really having fun" is also a recurring theme throughout Hallie's prayers. "And please bless us to have fun, really lots of fun." That's why we love our Hallie, she is so fun that she even prays for fun. I can't wait for her to have fun, really have lots of fun and eat cake at her birthday, because that is also my favorite part.

Our life is about like this, every morning, and I wouldn't change a thing.


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