Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Economic Jam

I'm trying very hard to be optimistic about the future. But some days it seems like this world is falling apart, and there are so few of us trying to hold it all together. Today for instance, Wall Street has crumbled and Texas has been torn apart by mother nature, this world seems to be crashing in on us. I watch too much news, I know. But it seems like there are just so many calamities and catastrophes and cosmic chaos that it is hard to keep my eyes off it all. So I'm trying to close my eyes and heal my heart by doing what I can for this world. So yesterday I made Peach freezer jam.

For me baking brings comfort. There is something about creating and cooking that helps me make sense of our uncontrollable environment. If I can bake cookies and warm my home with love and chocolate, maybe no one will notice that hardship is at the door. Don't answer it, we're too busy making cookies. Bake sales have often been my verbal solution to hardship. I say verbal because really I've never held an actual bake sale. But when someone needs money for something, or is trying to solve a problem I often reply that they should have a bake sale. But instead of selling my baked goods I usually gift them to friends or family in need. Sometimes there is nothing else I can do, so I bake and hope my offering blankets my loved ones in comfort.

So today amidst the economic woes and hurricane ravaged country that we live in, I offer Peach jam, and hope you find comfort amidst the chaos. Close the door, turn off the news, say a prayer of comfort and slather some jam on a warm piece of toast my friends. Peace.


Becky said...

Ah, Peaceful peaches. I adore homemade peach freezer jam freezing cold with chunks on a hot piece of butter toast. This is the perfect way to bring a slice of heaven into your home when the world gets far too worldy (with this Great Depression analogy I'm feeling your pain).

Sarah said...

Nancy, this sounds so good. Won't you share your recipe?

MarySue said...

You inspire me..I've only made freeze jam in strawberry and raspberry. I think I need to try peach. Also, you must have some confidence in the future making FREEZER jam and secure you will have electricity to keep it frozen. :)

pam said...

So your freezer jam must have done some good. Things got quite a bit better on wall street, thank goodness. But I do feel for those people who are in the path of natural disasters. I guess by now they are digging out.

Keith and Lynsi said...

loved this post. That seems to be my answer to any sort of problem too. I'll just go to the kitchen and BAKE something, anything. Preferably something chocolate.

Kung Fu Hallie cracks me up!