Friday, September 26, 2008

Buyer Beware

I wasn't going to decorate for Halloween this year. It's sad but true that my house is still for sale, and I didn't think my realtor would appreciate my orange and black bonanza (probably that word doesn't fit, but I like the way it sounds, sometimes I feel like Cher on Clueless and I just add words where I think they should fit regardless of whether or not they make sense, Mom?) (enough ramblings that don't make any sense) of decorations. Anyhoo I had to decorate. Had to. It was completely out of my control. The reason being that I am helping out with the Super Saturday in my ward. And one of the things we are making is a Halloween/Thanksgiving bunting (are you sick of hearing about this already? Too bad). Anyway so many people are asking me, "What's a bunting?" And, "What would I do with one?" This reaction was wreaking much havoc on my sign up sheet, ie. no one was signing up. And me, knowing the power of persuasive advertising thought it would be a good idea if I showed these helpless women just how much they all need a bunting. Need. I said need. So I had to take a picture, and thus the Halloween decorations went up. We'll see if I get to keep them there. Travis hasn't seen it yet. Not that he's in charge. Just kidding. Kind of.

Now, after seeing how cute a bunting can be, I'm sure that none of you would dare decorate without one. Want to come to Super Saturday, I have plenty of room on my sign up sheet!
P.S. I am fully aware that it is not even October yet. I like to start the trends, not follow.


Steph said...

I love it! Love the black birds too. I want to sign up for your super Satruday!!

Courtney said...

I love the bunting. I need some too!

Laura said...

I love it Nanc, I wish I could come make one. I want to live close by so you can give me a sewing lesson or two, can I be you when I grow up?

p.s. where are you moving?

MarySue said...

This is so cute and being "early" is the way to go. I hold off until October to START PLAYNG CHRISTMAS MUSIC. :)

Becky said...

To comment on this post I must say
a. Sign me up. Not kidding.
b. I'm darn proud of you for decorating despite the realtor warnings
c. I love you, sister.

Mike and Joy said...

Darling! I would sign up except:
A. I am teaching a class
B. I am afraid of any 'sewing' project.
I hope people sign up, though. It is too cute!

Jen said...

I am going to make a special trip to AZ just for your Super Saturday! Ours is in 2 weeks and there was nothing that cute for Halloween!

pam said...

Love your decorations, including the buntings. I am sure they will impress anybody who comes to look at the house.

Beckie said...

I hope you don't mind me peaking in on your blog but I LOVE that bunting and wished I lived where ever you are to come to the Super Saturday. But alas I am in Chicago...would you mind if I tried to make one on my own? And if that is ok - can you give me the instructions on how to make it??? THANK YOU!!!

my e-mail is abeckalyn at hotmail dot com
or leave it as a comment on my blog kamaeohana.blogspot dot com

THANKS again!!!