Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Oh yes we got trouble. Right here in blogging city. With a capital T and that rhymes with P and it stands for Pioneer. Yes Pioneer, as in woman. You (yes you, my blogging friends, if you're even out there) are all so in trouble. How come no one told me? All this time I could have been reading, and enjoying, and laughing right along with you. How come no one told me about the Pioneer Woman? Sure I saw little things here or there, a recipe mentioned maybe, but why didn't you shake me by the shoulders and send me to her site? I guess I had to discover it on my own. Maybe I wouldn't have loved her as much if we'd been set up. So yesterday I was carousing through blogs as I find myself doing lately since it's 112 degrees outside, and came across my new favorite blog. If you haven't already been there, and you probably have since I think I'm the last to discover her, head right now to the Pioneer Woman (after you finish reading my post of course).

So I'd heard of this infamous Pioneer lady before, in fact Mandy mentioned her just the other day, saying she liked her recipes. But when I think pioneer recipes I think Dutch oven type stuff, and then I think I'm not really interested, and never give it a second thought. One time when I was canning chicken ( I do have a little pioneer in me) I searched the Internet for tips. I came across some backwoods lady's blog that told me I had to starve the chickens for up to 18 hours before slaughter and canning. I guess I had this kind of woman in mind when I conjured up images of pioneer women. I've always thanked my lucky stars that I was born in this era and didn't have to go through what the pioneers went through, and didn't want to read about it on a blog. So I guess I thought I was too twentieth century to enjoy a good pioneer.

I was wrong.
And now you can't say that I never told you about her.

She is hilarious, really I've never laughed at any one's blog so much. She is talented, her photography is amazing, her recipes inspired, and the way she blends them together along with her wonderful sense of humor makes reading recipes utterly enjoyable. And her love story...oh her love story. She chronicles her story of how she came to marry her husband and live on her cattle ranch in novel form. And this woman can write, and she's funny, and it's like a book you can't put down. I'm awarding it the summer romance of 2008. Okay so I'm a little obsessed right now, but trust me, check her out and you'll be an instant fan. Don't leave without finding her story: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. A bit of a silly title, but a must read. It's in her confessions section. So really, what are you waiting for, go! And don't say I never told you!


jennifer woodbury said...

I love Pioneer Woman. I discovered her a couple of months ago and spent an entire day reading that darn love story. Sorry I didn't tell you about it! :)

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the last to know.

Miss MarySue turned me on to PW over a year ago and I spent a good week staying up late (very late)going back to the beginning and catching up on cattle ranching life. Oh how my husband hates to hear the latest tales of Ree and MB. He thinks I need a life... he's probably right.

-Kathy S.

BTW- NY trip is coming up (late Aug). Let me know if you "need" anything.

Mike and Joy said...

That is a great site! See, you weren't last to introduced it to me. :)

Laura said...

I just found this site a few days ago and I think she is amazing. I can't wait to make those berries and cream. She is an amazing woman. You should also check out She makes something in the crockpot everyday!!! I have tried a few things.

Karla Rauch said...

Hey Nancy,
Do you mind sending me your email address? I am making my blog private and I want to be able to invite you. YOu can just email me at THank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip! I hadn't heard of her either. I've since tried several of her yummy recipes and read her love story. She's great! Thanks for sharing!!!