Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I need a vacation

Last night I had a very vivid dream that I went with my friend Dawn to Hawaii. Now Dawn and I spent a lot of time together in Hawaii in college when we went to BYU-Hawaii for a semester, so it was not unusual that I should subconsciously choose her to be my trip mate. Now before you go feeling bad that you weren't the one in Hawaii with me, listen to the rest. We had gotten to the island (I'm not quite sure which one) and boarded a bus to take us to our destination. There were two sets of Sister Missionaries on board and they started trying to teach us the gospel. I told them that we were already members and proceeded to talk to them during the trip. I started telling them how it wasn't that long ago that I was their age, that thirty might seem old to them, but it happens fast, and really I don't feel any older than them. Then I looked down and realized that I had forgotten most of my things at home. I had with me a backpack with a pair of jeans, and lots of jewelry, but had forgotten everything else, including a swimsuit, which is very much needed in Hawaii. So Dawn and I started trying to remember where the Wal-Mart was so I could buy some clothes and a swimsuit. We spent most of the dream, driving on the bus down the coast with the ocean in view, looking for Wal-Mart. I woke up feeling sad that even in my dream I didn't get to go to Hawaii.

I will now interpret my dream for you.

A. I need a vacation

B. I just read the fourth sisterhood of the traveling pants, maybe that is why I brought my one pair of jeans. Maybe I should plan a trip to Greece, or just see the movie when it comes out in August. That is a little more in line with my budget.

C. I am secretly, or not so secretly jealous of Liz who just posted her pictures from Hawaii with her friend Heidi. This is why I think I never got off the bus, I only got to "look" at Hawaii.

D. Even in my dreams I am afraid to get into a swimsuit, so maybe I sabotaged myself and didn't bring it on purpose. Translation: it's time for a diet!

E. I'm starting to feel like I'm old, even though I don't really feel old. Is 30 old? I was trying to convince the sisters that 30 really isn't that old, so maybe I'm really just trying to convince myself.

F. Jewelry is the most important thing to pack, even in your dreams.

G. I really need a vacation.

So I wish in my dreams that I could have been skinny, in a swimsuit and on the beach in Hawaii! Somehow I need to not let my real life interfere with my dream life. Isn't it sad that I was looking for the local Wal-Mart and not Nordstrom? I'm going to try some brain trickery before I go to bed tonight, maybe then I'll have a little more luck. "You are skinny, you are rich, you are on the beach, you are not old..."

Now to make myself feel better I am going to post some pictures of pictrues (my scanner is out of commission) of me and Dawn and Kimber in Hawaii which, like my dream, are a little fuzzy. Mind you this was eleven years ago, I guess I really am old.


Stephanie said...

These pictures are so funny! It is making me think 30 is old because you guy's look so YOUNG in those picture's. I am jealous of Hawaii too, maybe that could be our trip?

Dawn said...

Nancy, this is so funny that you should post about this because just last night I was going through old pictures and came across all of our pictures from Hawaii so I was reminescing also. Such good times!! I can't say I love all the pictures you posted especially the one with me making the funny face but I still love you! Looking forward to Cali with you and Steph and Liz! It's vacation time!

kimber said...

Oh how I wish we could go back and relive those fun, carefree days. With nothing to worry about (except cochroaches and centipedes that don't die), with unlimited supply of money (thanks to Carl and your guys Am Ex cards).

We need to get together soon!

Dave, Bonnie & Taten said...

I loved your dream and your analysis of it. I wish my dreams were so clear. Loved seeing the pictures too.

Toria said...

I need to have you analyze my dreams- they have been pretty weird lately. I would love to join you on vacation, I need one too and a girls trip sounds so fun! I really need to just email you because I want the scoop on what's going on, oh and can you pas along my email to Steph or hers to me, I'm feeling left out of her "private" blog.

Kamy said...

I was checking my blogs in google reader and what do I see in the corner? One of my suggested blogs to read was "My Blonde Ambitions". I was pretty sure it was yours and sure enough! I thought that was a pretty good coincidence!

Karla Rauch said...

Hi Nancy,
Ok so I am glad that I am not the only one with crazy dreams that seem to relate to what is goin on in my real everyday life. I am with you on needing a vacation. I love the pictures by the way.

pam said...

Loved the pictures and the dream, now tell us about your real vacation.

hendywow said...

Love the old pictures.. ou have lways been soo photogenic!