Thursday, June 19, 2008

Swim School

Today was the kids last day of swim lessons for the summer. We can start early here because it starts to get hot early here. The kids have been taking lessons for about two months now and since it's pushing 115 degrees here, I'm done! I think they are done too, it gets to be a bit much as the lessons are everyday, but they had fun and really improved their swimming skills this summer. Here's some pictures from the season, and why are there no action shots of Hallie? Well she kind of wimped out on the whole diving board thing. I can't say I blame her. I have vivid recollections of being a kid at the town pool in my Mom's small Southern Alberta town, and climbing all the way up the high dive only to turn around and make everyone behind me get down so that I could climb off. I guess wimpiness runs in the family. That or extra cautiousness, call it what you like.

I realize that my kids have two very different sets of genes, they've had the same amount of sun exposure, the same amount of sunscreen, and Hallie is tan and Dallas is still white, he unfortunately gets that from me!


Shauna Brown said...

Okay, so I wrote the longest comment to you yesterday and "poof" it was gone, so I'm here to say "hello" and:

#1- Love the pic of you with the blue hair. Come on, go brunette, we have way more fun!

#2- Love all the bags you have been making.

#3- I think Easter eggs are a great Father's Day tradition and I can't believe you yelled at your sweet Hallie- :) Who does that-- ME

pam said...

The water looks great! Does it make you homesick for the old backyard swimming pool? especially if it is 115. It is even quite warm here, but not that bad. Yesterday we hiked up Y mountain for Aaron's birthday, too bad they picked the hottest part of the day and the sky was cloudless. I quit before the top as I thought I might faint. But today we are going to try Provo canyon, it shouldn't be so hot.

kimber said...

Fun! you need to bring them over to swim sometime. Tyler hit her bum trying to jump off the diving board, so she's scared of it now too. She doesn't understand to jump out, she just kind of sits down and falls.

Angela said...

I don't think I was ever scared of the diving board. Looks like fun.That pool looks nice and cool!

Dave, Bonnie & Taten said...

Your little kids are growing up so fast. They look super cute. Are we still on for this weekend? Saturday, say 6:00? Somewhere.

Toria said...

I thought Hallie was the dare devil- what's up with the jumping in? Sounds like me too at that age!
so fun Nancy- move to Dubai, we're in the pool almost every day and yes, gas is cheap, I'll see what I can do!
What's up with your move anyway?