Thursday, June 26, 2008

People Let Me Tell You 'Bout My Best Friend

So my Best Friend Courtney has decided to take her family and do a little "East Coast Thing." And where does that leave me? Without my best friend, so I'll be taking applications the day she leaves (don't worry Mandy, you might be back in the running now that we live in the same state).

I've known Courtney for my whole life. But it wasn't until we reached motherhood together that we sealed the deal and became "Best Friends." We were a little too old for a BFF necklace, but no matter, we showed our love through thick and thin (two pregnancies for me, three for Court). We had our first two children within a week of each other, and our second (third and fourth for Courtney) children within four months. We grew up next door to each other as kids, but back in the day Courtney was that much older and a little too cool for me. I suppose once you're over 20 age doesn't matter, and we evened out in coolness, so best friends we became. We both moved back into our childhood homes shortly after our boys were born, and had our girls together.

If you're blessed enough to be Courtney's friend you should count yourself lucky and expect:

*daily phone calls filled with tips such as: boxer briefs work better than whitey tighties for toilet training boys. Note: these phone calls often end abruptly when children are wreaking havoc in the background.

*holiday parties including Easter egg hunts, Christmas Eve, and Halloween in May

*easy dinner ideas from a busy mother of five

*the best birthday parties, both ones you're invited to, and ones thrown in your honor

*a definite opinion on whatever you may or may not be seeking advice on

*Photo shop expertise

*many a good book review

*notice of sales at Old Navy and Target

*entertaining tales of daily life from this Super Mom

I could go on and on about Courtney. But mostly I just want to tell her that beyond being Best Friends Forever I count her as my sister. Wherever we go, or wherever we live, we will always be family. A childhood memory I have ingrained in my mind is of being at the Cannon's house and playing church with Courtney. We all wanted to take turns giving talks in "Primary" because we wanted to speak into the microphone. Courtney was always in charge somehow, and after our talks instead of getting a sticker or handshake Courtney would give us a kiss on the cheek. I think I thought it was a little funny at the time since we weren't that into kissing at my house. But Courtney is always there to tell you that you did a good job, and give you a kiss on the cheek. I want her to know that she will be missed, but I know that we will always be in touch and I am so grateful that we got to go through another season of our lives together.

You may or may not know that Courtney is a Boys II Men fan. This fact strikes me as a little funny, and makes me laugh, so Court, I'm leaving you with a little Boys II Men number to remember me by. Now don't laugh too hard, and know that I love you!

"How do I say goodbye to what we had? The good times that made us laugh outweigh the bad. I thought we'd get to see forever, but forever's gone away it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. I don't know where this road is going to lead. All I know is where we've been and what we've been through. If we get to see tomorrow I hope it's worth all the wait. It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. And I'll take with me the memories to be my sunshine after the rain. It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. And I'll take with me the memories to be my sunshine after the rain. It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday."


pam said...

Wow, Nance, I must have been the first to read your post on Courtney. I guess we all never really believed they would go. I'll certainly miss her too as it has been such fun to see her the times I have been to your place to visit. Good luck, Courtney and family! And keep blogging so you won't seem so far away.

Toria said...

how sad Nancy and so fun that you guys have had these years together. What fun to grow up next door and then have your babies next door! I'm sure it's sad around there, but you're right, you guys are like family and I have no doubt you'll manage the distance (and still get all those things you listed minus the frequent parties). Courtney- good luck with the move!

Dawn said...

I love all the things you said about Courtney. You two are lucky to have each other and both of you are AMAZING women! I love you both for who you are. I know down the road you'll end up close by each other again, I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

Courtney said...

I read this post last week and will admit it was the first time I choked up in the entire moving thing. I'm so glad I was able to steal you from Mandy. Just remember you were the one who decided to move away first.

Either my roots are always grey or you just have a lot of pics when they are grey.