Saturday, March 15, 2008

Edward, is that you?

Have you been to Stephenie Meyer's webpage lately? They have apparently begun filming on the movie production of Twilight. I heard this recently and was so excited to check out the cast. Now that I have, I'm a bit worried and disappointed. I think the production pictures of the cast look a little Lifetime Original Movie-ish, but most sadly, I feel like they have tragically miscast Edward. Edward who I think would make or break this film, is not at all what I would have pictured him to be. I mean no offense to the actor Robert Pattinson who is playing Edward. He is, in fact, very handsome. (As a side note I do believe this actor looks the most handsome in this picture where he is himself, but with the hair dye and even paler skin they give him as Edward, he looks less so.) But I think that when you've built someone up in your mind so much that you almost feel like you'd recognize him if you saw him and then when you do see him he doesn't look at all like you'd imagined, you're inevitably disappointed. In Twilight Stephenie Meyer describes the Cullens as "devastatingly, inhumanly beautiful." I don't quite think this Edward is inhumanly beautiful, but the more I went back over the description of him, the more I can understand the casting.

Edward and the rest of the Cullens are all described as incredibly pale with dark circles under their eyes, Edward even has reddish hair which I'd forgotten. Many of the descriptive words she uses aren't even characteristically beautiful, but Bella builds Edward up to be so beautiful that I think as the reader you start to imagine him in your own definition of beautiful.
This is the cast picture of Edward with the rest of the Cullen "children." I think the rest of the characters look a little more like I'd imagined them than Edward's character. But even though Edward doesn't look like I'd pictured him, I am still very excited to see the movie, but must admit I've lowered my expectations for it.
Here is the whole family. Esme is played by the girl who played the Jane Doe character "Ava" on Grey's Anatomy, Elizabeth Reaser. And Carlisle is played by Peter Facinelli, who I'd say is probably the most famous of this cast. He is married in real life to Jennie Garth (Kelly of 90210 fame, who by the way was my dance teacher when I was in fifth grade, my only claim to fame). I think the two of them will do a good job as the head of the Cullen family. And Bella, is played by this actress, Kristen Stewart, whom I don't recognize, but looks somewhat Bellaish, except I think she looks a little too old for the part.

Of the actor choices Stephenie Meyer, who seems happy with all that is going on with the film, has this to say:

"For every actress that has been suggested as Bella in the past few years, there are always a slew of critics that cry, "But she doesn't look like Bella!" (Which can often be translated thusly: "She doesn't look like ME!") To this I would like to say: "Of course she doesn't!" Bella is a fictional character, and she looks different to everyone. As is the same with every actor who will be cast in the next few months, no one is going to match up with your mental picture exactly—or mine. The thing to hope for is a really great actor who can make us believe she is Bella (or Alice or so forth) for roughly two hours. I think we've got that with Kristen Stewart, and I can't wait to see her step into the role!"
-Stephenie Meyer

So what I really want to know is, what do you think? Am I being too hard on these poor, beautiful vampires? Is Edward what you'd pictured him to be?


Laura said...

Nancy, I thought the same thing when I looked for the cast a few weeks ago. I think Edward should have lighter eyes. He isn't what I pictured but hopefully he can pull it off in the movie. I think Bella should be a little more plain, but I guess we will just have to wait and see. I wish I could be there to see it with you!

Stephanie said...

I agree with you, I was a little disappointed. But, I am looking forward to seeing the movie and hoping that they can pull it off!

Sarah said...

It's Hollywood. A lot can happen on a movie set. Don't worry.

Did you know Jennie Garth went to Apollo for at least one year?

hendywow said...

I concur! I personally think that Cam Gigandet (who plays the "evil" James) is the most atractive one, but as you can tell from my prom pics, I like guys with long hair.

Becky said...

Admittedly, I was thinking your very same thoughts. Especially about the Life Time movie look of the pics. Carlisle and Esme were the only ones who looked right to me. But I'm still hoping they pull it off. Hermione and Ron didn't look right to me at first, and now its believable. Of course, they were never supposed to be devastatingly beautiful. . .

just me said...

i felt the exact same way! he's grown on me now, so i don't mind him as edward ... but he is definitely not how i pictured him!! i'm going to see the movie, too - we should make it a girls' night out?

Shroutys said...

I don't know you, but I came across your blog somehow, and I have to comment. At first, I was disappointed by Rob Pattinson as Edward, but I have oh, so changed that perspective DRAMATICALLY this past month. First, I joined They have some AMAZING PICTURES of Rob on one of the forums there. That alone started to pique my interest as Rob as Edward. I've also been keeping close daily tabs on the latest news with the filming of the movie, and every account I've heard of people who've seen Rob in person (as well as acting) have said, "Rob is Edward." So, with that, I'm ecstatic that he's playing Edward. Gradually, I can imagine him being the one I almost imagine while I'm reading. Anyway, here's a website of a Twilight fan who is an extra in the movie and has seen Rob up close and personal acting as Edward:

Bri said...

I don't think you can be too harsh on the characters. They are so descriptive in the book about what the characters look and act like. Of course everyone will have a different opinion of who should play the characters. The two I don't think are right are Rosalie, who is suppose to be absolutely beautiful. Also Bella. Kristen Stewart can look somewhat like the part, but she is not a very strong actress as far as I can tell. I am not convinced by the parts she plays. But then again I have only seen two movies with her in them. I read a book Speak, in which she played the main role for the movie, and I was not convinced. It is going to be really hard to play these roles I think because there is so much emotion especially between Edward and Bella to portray. I hope they do a good job though! I have lowered my expectations a bit as well. The books were amazing.

Brooke said...

I glad someone else does see my point of view as well. I have to say I'm a little concerned with myself, because i tend to readjust my character view to a movies. I think that's what alot of people don't want. Alot of us think of how noble or wonderful, courages, brave (cute, pretty), and automatically want that view of those characters to live on in other peoples memory's and hearts, but since we all picture them differently, it's impossible to be right or wrong. We'll all have to adjust, no matter how stubborn we are and accept the movie, and admit, it probrably can't get any more perfect than what it is just worried about losing the picture of those characters in my head!!

bethy said...

i dont think the movie can be better than the books, thats just like impossible... but they can try, and who knows? may-b they will do good. i wonder how they will be able to make edward's skin sparkle, without making it be like totally fake... C: i cant wait!

Becky :] said...

Well i think bella like Associated press was saying is a little too
hmm sadish looking and the movie might really be ruining the book becauseof the fighting scenes but well just have to figure it out
i, trying to be able to see it once it comes out tomorrow but ill have to see
sounds awesome :]
Edward also grew on me
when i saw it was robert i thought of harry potter and i was like.......
but with his hair spiked he looks pretty hot enough to pull off the role :]