Friday, January 18, 2008

Inside my brain, and Dallas' ears.

I've been reflecting on Christmas, and Santa's loot. The Saturday before Christmas this Santa started to think we might need a few more gifts and impulsively bought two more things on my children's wish list. Dallas had been telling anyone who would listen that he wanted an Eye Clops from Santa. I hadn't even heard of this funny little device that hooks up to the TV and magnifies items up to 200X. Where did Dallas hear of such a thing? TV of course. Where else would he be bombarded by images of children enjoying themselves while magnifying the hair on their skin 200X. The cost of the Eye Clops? $50. The cost of Dallas' happiness on Christmas morning? Priceless. So Santa bought it. In order to even out the loot Hallie needed a present equal in value to the Eye Clops. She had mentioned a time or two that she wanted a Barbie computer. So Santa found one at Toys R U for about $40. Now the reason I'm mentioning this post Christmas is to say that I give two thumbs up to the Barbie computer, and want my $50 back for the Eye Clops. I'd recommend the computer to anyone who has a preschool age girl. I'm really surprised how much Hallie plays with this, how user friendly it is, and just how much she is really learning about letters. And actually Dallas plays with it a lot too, so I'm sure there is a boy equivalent out there. The Eye Clops on the other hand provided loads of Christmas morning fun, and hasn't been played with since. But Dallas is very proud to say he owns it, and was very excited to receive it. I'm chalking it all up to lessons learned, and I thought I'd pass on the info.

Okay there is no segway for my next item up for discussion, so I'll just dig right in. Kind of like we did to Dallas' ear when I burned the wax out of them. Just kidding, there was no digging involved, but I'm posting a picture of this because no matter how many people I had try to describe this to me, I just didn't get it until I saw it, so let me give you a visual.

The following may be classified under the "Too much information" category, but it's kind of cool so allow me to explain. Dallas has one ear that produces normal wax, and one that doesn't seem to give up any, and the Dr. told me he has some calcified ear wax in that ear. I was a bit embarrassed by this fact, even though I do feel that I clean his ears often enough, she said it just happens sometimes for no rhyme or reason really. At his last Dr. appointment they tried to flush out the ball of wax with no luck. After telling this to a few people they told me to try these ear wax candles that you can buy at the health food store that burn, create a suction somehow and suck out all the ear wax. Huh? So I bought them, we tried them, they were cool, I was amazed at how much ear wax came out, but I think he still has the ball of wax in his ear, so to speak. So conclusion: they were fun to do, got a lot of ear wax out, but didn't solve our little problem. Any suggestions?

From ear wax to movies. We saw two movies last weekend that I've been meaning to give two thumbs up to. We rented Stardust, and I must say I really liked it. Kind of quirky and fun, it was a really cute love story. I don't think it got the good press it deserved. Travis liked it too. We also went to see Juno. I'd say it lives up to its hype, it was a really cute movie, very character driven, I liked it. But do have to note that this is about teenage pregnancy, and there is a semi-nude (think arms and legs, no real parts) love scene. It's really kind of more awkward and funny than sexy. That being said, I really liked it, and so did Travis.

Movies to American Idol. I won't say much to bore you except that I'm a big AI fan, and am so happy to have something to watch two nights a week! I really think that they've toned down the meanness from last year when it comes to the rejects, and I think there is already some real talent going to Hollywood, looks like this should be a good season!
And one more picture for my friend Autumn, I finally finished your burp cloths and they are on their way to you! I hope they make it before your German baby boy, Congratulations!


Laura said...

I should have written this post too. Alexa insisted that Santa had to bring her a Makayla doll. It is robotic and eats and sleeps, blah, blah, blah. She looked at it on Christmas and has not touched it since!!! IT was a $60 doll! She saw it on TV of course too. She doesn't even watch TV with commercials at our house, it was at her cousins. I too have had ear wax problems, but they can usually take care of it at the doctor's office, and I want to have a baby just so I can get some burp cloths, too cute!

pam said...

When we were in the Canaray Islands, we would get emails from home, usually from our kids, extoling the virtues of Americaan Idol. I thought at the time that my children really had their priorities all wrong. Wasn't there something important they could get excited about instead? But now that we have been home for a year and a half and haven't ever found anything worth watching on TV, I understand why all the American Idol fans. There is literally nothing else to watch. At least with so many channels, one always has hope, but nothing worthwhile ever materializes. The burp cloths turned out really cute.

AL&G said...

1. Burpcloths- do you have a pattern? they are super cute.
2. Juno- That's one doodle that can't be undid homeskillet.
I like you. Linds

Nancy said...

Linds Patterns? You know I don't know how to use them!

Becky said...

Cute Cute burp cloths! Please, please give me a tutorial. Also, as you know I'm a AI watcher, but last season's try outs were so appalingly disgusting that I have only taped, not watched. It was all to humiliating to America and all of mankind! Most of the people who tried out who weren't good probably had mental health issues! But if they've toned it down, then maybe I'll give it a shot.
AND we rented Stardust for our kids to watch this weekend and after we got it home realized its PG 13 and an "adults only" kind of fairy tale. But should we (being the grown ups) watch anyway?
Austin tried the earwax thing once and said it didn't work and his doc told him it could hurt him? I've always wanted to try it because my ears constantly feel like they've got fluid in them and the ENT told me her test said, "no, no fluid." but my ears say "yes, I can feel it."
That comment was too long! But I need to say again, Burp clothes = muy muy cuto!

Toria said...

nancy, this is one of the reasons I think you're amazing.You're just so clever and funny and I can hear your voice telling the story. that earwax thing is hilarious! Thanks for the computer tip. I've been meaning to start my research for some sort of Leapster, computer thing for Asher to play with on our plane rides. I would love suggestions. Oh and I saw Stardust a couple weeks ago having never heard anything about it and I really liked it. Becky- definitely more grown up rated though. Can't rememeber why exactly, I just remember having that thought. I'll have to check out Juno.

Stephanie said...

Love the burp cloths, still waiting on my bag! We have done the ear wax things before and it is pretty cool. I know that there is a solution of water and peroxide (I think) that you can put in a syringe and squirt in their ears that helps loosen the wax. The doctor used it on one of my kids a long time ago and it worked.

Angela said...

We liked Stardust, too. But deffinitly a "grown-ups" movie. And the burp clothes turned out cute. I have to admit when I heard about the eye clops on christmas I had a feeling it was going to be one of "those" presents. Live and learn, I guess.

The Rogers Family said...


It was way fun to see you today. I checked out everyones blogs. Way cool to see pics of everyone. Send me your email address so we can chit chat a little. Also, send me Liz's and Mandy's too.


Becky said...

Savanna here. I had the ear wax problem too! At the docs they had this skinny tube conected to a spray bottle. They sprayed warm water into my ear for 5 min. It worked!!