Saturday, December 1, 2007

Rainy Day Bad Haircut

It was a rainy Saturday, the groceries were bought, the house was cleaned, and so I thought I'd indulge in an afternoon nap. My children had other thoughts. The whole time I was "sleeping" I could hear them downstairs fighting, then Dallas gave a "I really am hurt" scream, and came upstairs to show me his war wounds. He'd fallen off the couch and his two front teeth had cut into his lip. Really it wasn't as bad as it sounds, he mostly freaked out because of the blood. Then I looked at Hallie and thought, "Did I cut her hair and forget about it?" I could tell she had a new do, but didn't remember doing it. Maybe the neighbor cut it?

"Hallie, who cut your hair?"

"I did."

"Hallie! You are not allowed to cut your own hair!"

"Sorry Mom. I just wanted to have short hair like Paige and Kate and Ellie."

But through her tears and my freaking out I had to laugh a little. Of all the places she could have cut, she picked a good one. Luckily she only cut bangs, she even chose the right side to cut them on. That's why I thought someone besides her had done the damage. Really, she could have cosmetology in her future. That and probably a new haircut next week. She might just get the short hair she wants. What a day.

After the bad nap and hair fiasco we decided it was time to break out the Candy Cane Joe Joe's I made the special trip to Trader Joe's for. They're that good.

****I guess after the last post I should add that I don't have 20/20 vision, quite the opposite, all the other five things are true.***********************


Mandy said...

I think the haircut could definitely be worse. And what is in those candy cane joe joes's. They look yummy from the box.

Nancy said...

Oh Mandy, you especially would like them because they taste similar to thin mints. They are like oreos with candy can in the frosting, yummy!

Courtney said...

It looks like I need to make a special trip to Trader Joes too. I've never had these but they look delish!

I'm glad the haircut appears to be salvageable!

pam said...

The haircut looks pretty good. Luckily she used little scissors so the damage isn't too bad. Good thing you hid the Trader Joe cookies for just such an occasion.

Stephanie said...

Nancy...I am laughing out loud at Hallie! I know I should prepare myself for Ellie to give herself a hair cut one day. She actually did a pretty good job!

Jennifer Woodbury said...

Dang, I was just at Trader Joe's tonight and I saw those and passed them up. I'll obviously have to go back.

The haircut definitely could have been much worse, but it still would give me a heart attack if Ella ever did that (and I'm sure she probably will someday).

Angela said...

Hair cut = not too bad!
Joe Joe's = quite good! Thanks for sharing them with me while I was down. Maybe you could bring some up with you when you come at Christmas. You know, because us poor, deprived Utah people don't have a Trader Joe's!

Austin said...

Can I put an order in for some of those when you come too? They look good.
Doesn't every kid cut their own hair @ some point?

Liz said...

I think I am going to make a special visit to the new Trader Joe's near my house for the Joe Joe's. I have never tried them, but know my husband who LOVES mint and peppermint ice cream will love those little Joe Joe's. Thanks for sharing your love for them! Also congrats to Trav for passing the tes! Hip Hip HOoray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!!

hendywow said...

All of my girls have done that! not to worry though, it ends up being soo traumatic that it only happens 1 time! But it does look like she has a super cool mullet! And we love Joe-Joes at our house too!