Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Proud of My Boys

Today I have two boys to be proud of. Not that I'm not proud everyday, but today I'm especially excited for Travis who passed his series 7 test yesterday, and Dallas who is the "Character of the Month" for November. Can I get three Hip Hip Hoorays! (I learned the importance of the Hip Hip Hooray when I ate dinner at the Cannon household as a kid and Mandy got 100% on her spelling test, the whole family gave three rounds of Hip Hip Hooray as a sign of congratulations, I decided to implement this into our family as well).

Anyway we are so excited for Travis who has been studying more than I think I've ever seen him study, and is now licensed to sell individual stock. This test and new license are a big deal for him, and a stepping stone to bigger and better things in his career. The test is a grueling 6 hour test, somehow though Trav managed to finish in 3. I don't know if I should be more proud, or nervous that he went through it so fast! But congratulations, and a huge load off my husband's shoulders. I love you Trav!

And our Kindergartner Dallas is Character of the Month for his class. I'm pretty sure this is his school's way of saying he's student of the month, they really like to stress Character at his school, his principal gave a donut breakfast this morning for all the kids who are character of the month where she talked about things like teaching your kids to "Choose The Right." Hmm... sounds familiar, where have I heard that before? She's not Mormon, but her little talk sure sounded like a sharing time. It's nice to know other people care about morals too. Congrats Dallas! He was so proud and nervous to go up and shake his Principal's hand and get his award, but he did great. Did I mention we're proud of him? Okay enough of that.

We've had my niece Sophie here since Sunday. We're watching her while her parents and siblings go to Disneyland. She's so fun to have around, but I must say that I've forgotten what it's like to worry about diapers and bottles, and babies awake in the middle of the night. That will be a hard one to ever do over!

And in neighborhood news I just thought I'd share a pic of our neighbor's Christmas decor, some people have a little too much free time! Pretty fun to see though. They said there's a light for every soldier who has died in the Iraq war. Kind of sad when you think about it.


Emily said...

Congratulations, Travis and Dallas!

Courtney said...

WTG guys!!

Angela said...

Glad to hear all the good news! And Dallas, I'm glad your principal brought the donuts so you didn't have to!

pam said...

Congratulations Dallas and Travis! Way to make us proud. Looking forward to seeing you and celebratine when you come at Christmas.

hendywow said...

Way to go Trav! and Dallas! Nancy I think that I am using the hip, hip hooray!

Becky said...

Hoorah to Dallas and Travis!! Major accomplishments, both of them.
Muchas Gracias for watching our sweet Sophia! Yes, they are lots of work, but we sure missed her.