Thursday, September 13, 2007

Easily Influenced

Have I ever mentioned how easily influenced I am by things I see on TV? Usually it has to do with food. I've watched the new MTV reality show, Newport Harbor a couple of times, and on one of the episodes I saw the main girls go to a little dessert shop where they ate frozen bananas. So what became my newest food obsession? Frozen bananas.

I don't even think it's a conscious thing. I think somewhere in the recesses (is that a word?) of my mind I decided that I must have a frozen banana. So, I bought a lot of bananas last week. I bought more than usual because they were on sale (my bargain shopping addiction is another post altogether!) So when the bananas started to get over ripe, I thought, I should really make frozen bananas.

And I did. And I ate one. And they were good.

What you do is you take over ripe bananas, peel them, stick popsicle sticks in them, put them on a wax lined sheet pan, and put them in the freezer for an hour. Then you melt in a double broiler (you could probably do this in the microwave too) 1/2 bag of semi sweet chocolate chips, and one tablespoon butter. When the chocolate mixture started to melt I added milk (maybe 1/4 cup, I had whole milk in the fridge that my kids drink, I don't know if it would work with skim, but you could try it). Stir it until you get it to the right consistency and then dip your bananas. We then added sprinkles and peanuts. Then put them back in the freezer for about another hour or so. I was surprised how good these were.

Did I just do a post on dieting? Aren't bananas healthy? And I only had one, and I've still been doing the treadmill.

Really this sort of thing is pretty much a weekly habit at our house. I see something that looks good on TV, and have to try it at home. That's why watching the food network is so dangerous for me. But I like to live on the edge folks.

While on the subject of food, I wanted to highly recommend a new pancake mix I tried. It's a Multigrain pancake mix from Trader Joes, and it is so good. Honestly once you've tried these you'll never buy Bisquick again. They taste homemade, and I'm imagining are much healthier than their competitors. The best thing is that my kids even liked them. See I'm trying to be healthy!

I think I should start watching exercise shows and see how that influences me...


pam said...

Anything tastes good with chocolate and peanuts on it, and you could even make a good arguement that it was good for you. You must take afte your mother.

Jennifer said...

That's hilarious about the bananas. But don't you just love this season of Newport Harbor? The kids on this one seem much more normal and cute than they ever were on Laguna Beach. And yes, I'm aware I'm obviously way too involved in the show. I'm definitely going to try out the pancake mix. Thanks for the recommendation!

Courtney said...

I am loving Newport Harbor this season too. The kids seem way nicer than the Laguna Beach kids.

I love chocolate bananas - I should definitely make these. Thanks also for the pancake mix recommendation. I use Bisquick and it really isn't very good for you.

Angela said...

The banana's look good. And how I wish we had a Trader Joe's around here. Maybe you could get me a box for Christmas?

Becky said...

Richard teases me that I'm the same way about food I see on TV! The bananas look so yummy.

As for Trader Joe's. . .you know I'm obsessed with their awesome products. They recently did away with my favorite Chimmi Churri sauce. I wrote a letter of complaint to the company! Fingers crossed they'll bring it back.

Natalie Hall said...

Nancy, you are so whitty I love it. I am exzactly the same way about the food network. My fam will love these bananas excited to try. And so excited to go and get the pancakes. Thanks for all the yummy recipes.

Toria said...

ditto to the food on tv. And if you've seen my posts with all the dried pears and sun-dried tomatoes I've been doing, well that's thanks to Alton Brown! My friend introduced me to a few yummy and healthy recipes I'll need to share soon.
Oh and hilarious about jumping on the tramp for 15 minutes!

Lindsey said...

mmm! I love frozen bananas. Maybe I'll be easily influenced by your post and make some myself!

Liz said...

Yumm!! It sounds yummy and easy too. Even though I shouldn't have the chocolate I think it sounds very tempting!

Love the Food Network too. I wish is just influenced me to want to cook more.

On the Newport Harbor talk...I am happy to hear you all watch it too. I just started watching it a few weeks ago and am embarrassed to say I am a fan of it. Do they really live that life! I watch the Hills to. What is wrong with me? Jeremy isn't around much in the evenings so it is what I have to keep me entertained at night. Sad, but true!