Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Blog Worthy?

I need to go on another vacation so I can something to report about, don't you think? I haven't done much that I deem "blog worthy" around here lately. Mostly it's really hot and a bit humid since we've had a couple of monsoons, so we've been hanging out inside. I feel like my kids watch way too much TV in the Summer time since it's too hot to go outside. So Monday morning before they were awake I unplugged all the TVs and deemed it a TV free day where mom was actually going to pay attention to her children and entertain them all day between loads of laundry. We had a pretty good day, and I felt like a pretty good mom, but I did give in and the cartoons came back on at 3 in the afternoon for a little while. Don't worry, we had already made crafts, worked on our letters and numbers, read books, made a healthy lunch, and done about three loads of laundry, so I felt okay about the little bit of TV. For whatever reason I have a real problem with letting the TV babysit my kids. Probably because I like to do too many projects on my own, and that is the only way I can get my kids to let me be. By projects I don't mean dusting or cleaning the baseboards; I mean crafts, and other things I do to entertain myself. I figure if I can find a way to include my children in my hobbies then I won't have to feel so bad about the time I put into them.

I really am trying to give my children more of my time, and repent of my ways. I read a great article in July's Ensign that I think all stay-at-home-mom's should read, it's called, Three Tools to Build A Sacred Home, by Shirley R. Klein. It really made me feel the importance of the every day small tasks I do as a mother, and made me feel like my work as a mother and housekeeper is more important than I give it credit for. I've been feeling a little like a bad mom, and housekeeper, and mostly an all around slacker a little bit lately, so it was good to read something to put it all back into perspective for me. I'd really recommend the article, it was just what I had needed.

But if I gave the impression that I'd stopped sewing altogether I hope I haven't mislead you. So I'll post a couple of the small projects I've done recently. I had a lady who wanted some burp cloths, these are what I came up with. As I was making them I was thinking that it was really sad that I had no need for such cute things anymore, so I decided if I got some plain white dish towels I could do the same thing on those. So tune in later for some fun dish towels. My life is exciting isn't it?


Jer & Ro said...

Those are so cute! Are they made with cloth diapers?

Angela said...

Way to make your own train, Nancy. it turned out cute. You could take a vacation to come visit me. Weren't you going to come for pioneer day? What happened to that?

Becky said...

Nancy, you are a genius! I love love love the dish towel idea. Sign me up for at least two of each that mimic these fantastic burp clothes. Cute fabric is good for the soul.

Shauna Brown said...

Now those are adorable, but not as sexy as the red shoes!! I love them and would appreciate a post with you wearing them with a very sassy pedicure! You better come visit Laura and I in CO! We would have a blast!