Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Opinions please

So I want everyone's opinion. I tried a new look for the bag I made last week. I can't decide what I think. I definately think it's cute, but the term that comes to my mind is "froo froo." It's definately a diaper bag for someone with a doll of a baby girl. You know what I mean? And I don't know if you'll ever see me replicate it, this bag was a big pain, I think I lost sleep over this darn ruffle. But I was pretty happy with the results, I just don't know if I'll ever do it again. Maybe my mom could help me come up with an easier way to do it. Who knew ruffles could cause so much stress. I have a new appreciation for anything that has a ruffle.

Let's move onto a less stressful subject. Does anyone watch Dancing with the Stars? I never did before, but since I was looking for something to do on Monday evenings I picked it up this season. I'm loving Apollo Anton Ono and his partner Julianne, they were so good last night. She's such a cute girl. And who knew that Steve Sanders got so much cuter with age? I'm also loving Joey Fatone, but I think his partner is a little scary for some reason, she's a good dancer though.

But speaking about stressful subjects, I'm so depressed by this whole Virgina Tech Massacre. I decided I had to stop watching all the coverage. I feel so bad for all the poor families involved, and I worry so much about the world I'm sending my children out into. Things like that make me pray a little more, and hug my family a little harder. Such a scary world we live in.


Courtney said...

I think it's v. cute but not my style. I'm sure that is a shocker to you. However, I do think there is definitely a market for that style.

I have watched Dancing with the stars in the past but haven't this season so I'm no help.

Shauna Brown said...

#1- Love the bag!! I feel like you would see that in Anthro for sure, but it has to be for a specific person- ME!! I love the ruffles and fabric. You are way too talented!
#2- I have seen some of Dancing and am a huge fan of Apollo and how hot his partner is. She's from Salt Lake and from a family of 10 kids. Mormon?? She's only 18 and is engaged. I heard it all on E "News".
#3- Virginia Tech- such a sad sad event. I can't watch a lot of it because it's so depressing. It also drives me crazy how some of the media exploits the tragedy. I mean they try to get info. from the mailman who delivered the gunman's parents mail. It's just crazy!

Anonymous said...

I really like the bag with the ruffle. Next time you will just have to choose a fabric that is lighter weight for the ruffle so it won-t be such a pain. I am planning to make a silver bag for myself so maybe I should make a ruffle at the top. The lining material wouldn-t be so heavy so might work. Mom

Becky said...

So now we know that anonymous is mom! I really think the bag is adorable, although I don't tend towards ruffles, I know many women who do. I just love that your creative jucies have you experimenting! Wonderful wonderful.

Angela said...

Cute bag, Nanc. But I'll echo Courtney in that it's not my style (surprized?). Did you know you can get a special foot for your sewing machine that will basically make the ruffles for you? That might be easier, but I think it's sort of a pricey foot. Maybe it's worth it if this bag ends up being a big hit.

Emily said...

I think the ruffle would be cuter going downward at the bottom of the pink fabric. And, the ruffle adds a lot visually, so I would probably go with a less busy fabric, to calm it.

Angela said...

so were you sad to see sanjaya go?