Wednesday, February 7, 2007

First Offical Entry

I can always count on Dawn! Thanks Dawn for becoming my first official (Laura I need proof, and the proof is in the pictures!) entry into my cupcake competition. I think I'm officially done with cupcakes personally, but the competition is not over! I swear I've had three times as many cupcakes in the first month of 2007 than I did in all of 2006 (when I was good Weight Watchers girl). I'm not exaggerating, so I'm taking a personal cupcake fast, at least until Valentine's day. So this competition will -shallow as it is- be based solely on looks, and Dawn's look so cute! Almost as cute as her gorgeous girls, Zoe and Tatym (who almost shares my birthday). I promise the prize will be cute too. Hallie and I picked out the fabric for it on Monday and we've been eyeing it ever since. Good thing my mom's in town to help so it really should turn out cute. So tune in for more on the competition next week. I'm declaring it officially over on Valentine's Day -so Laura let's see some pictures, and Shauna get out your Kitchen Aid!


Anonymous said...

Cute cupcake Dawn! Did it taste as good as it looks?

katie said...

That was me, Katie, I don't have a blogging account and don't really know how this all works.