Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom and Becky!

Happy Birthday to you both. It was always fun growing up to have Mom and Becky's birthdays on the same day. I think I believed up until a few years ago the story that Dad used to tell about how Mom was going into labor with Becky, but didn't realize it because she just thought her stomach was upset from her birthday cake. Anyway you both are wonderful examples to me and I can't wait until our upcoming Girl's weekend; we'll have to celebrate then.

In the mean time Becky here is a little glimplse of what I've been working on for you. We're calling her Baby Sophie. We tried to capture the essence of Sophie's cute hair in my first attempt at a doll here. Notice she doesn't have a smile or a nose yet, that's because I'm waiting for mom to show me the best way to do that. But we thought you should have her since she matches the blanket we made for Sophie. I'll attach a cute picture of the real Sophie so you can see if I got the hair right!

On the potty training front we have made real progress since I got back from California. I guess we never had the right motivation before, but we picked out a few potty toys that Hallie really wanted, and it's made all of the difference for her. I'm still not ready to take her anywhere without pull-ups, but for now she's making great strides.


Angela said...

cute doll nanc! I'm very impressed. I don't know if you already read this blog, but this woman does a lot of soft toys, and this post is about satin stitching face features. In case you're interested, http://whileshenaps.typepad.com/whileshenaps/2007/01/owls_and_connec.html

Courtney said...

I can see little Sophie in the doll. I can't believe all fo the things you come up with - its something new every week.

Shauna Brown said...

That doll is just way too cute!! You really are too talented- stop it!

Becky said...

well, of course I'm feeling very honored! (so is Soph). It's adorable! How fun is that. You are too creative!